Healthy and Tasty assorted Dry Fruits can Cherish your Dear Ones

Crispy and crunchy dry fruits can make very good gift options and they are preferred by most people. Nowadays, people are getting very health conscious and hence they are preferring such healthy and tasty gifts more and more. A gift of fresh dry fruits can be used for sending gifts to India on various occasions, events and festivals. This online gift store hosts a variety of such gift ideas that you can send to India on various important days. The dry fruits here on this online gifting portal have been classified into individual products as well as dry fruit hampers. These treats come as almonds, raisins, cashew nuts, pistachios, walnuts and many others in different forms.

The Basket of Different Dry Fruits is a combo of different types of dry fruits that have contained in a basket. There are different types of dry fruits here like cashew nuts, pistachios, raisins as well as almonds. The Dry Fruits in a Tray with German Silver Coin is a dry fruits hamper that comes in a designer colourful tray. The dry fruits here are cashew nuts, pistachios, raisins and almonds and there is also a shagun coin here which is made out of German silver.

Delicious Dry Fruits


The Golden Choco Nutty Thali is a dry fruits hamper that comes in an ornamental designer thali which is round shaped and stone studded. The hamper consists of almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts and raisins along with Dairy Milk Crackle chocolates and Lotte Choco Pies. The Crispy Choco Fruity Basket is a dry fruits hamper that is in a basket made out of cane and oval in shape. The hamper has raisins and cashew nuts and it also contains delicious handmade chocolates.

Yummy Dry Fruits


The Mixed Expressions dry fruits hamper contains two items in the form of dry fruits and shagun gifts. The Dry Fruits and KitKat Thali is a dry fruits hamper that comes in a designer thali that is round in shape. The hamper contains three types of dry fruits in the forms of almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts as well as three pieces of Kit Kat chocolates.

Mouthwatering Dry Fruits


The Chocolates & Dry Fruits Thali is a dry fruits hamper and it comes in a designer thali that is silver in colour and round in shape. The dry fruits that you will find here are almonds and raisins and there are also six pieces chocolates. The Snickers and Dry Fruits hamper has been placed in a handmade thali that is octagonal in shape. There are three types of dry fruits here, that is, raisins, pistachios and cashew nuts as well as two Snickers chocolates.

Lipsmacking Dry Fruits


These delectable treats can be used to send gifts to India from USA through this reliable gifting site. Many other kinds of gifting options are also available here that you can send for various occasions. Any of these gift ideas can make a fantastic gift to India for many festivals to make any event a grand one.


Dipsuta Published: Jun 04, 2016 | Last Updated: Aug 27, 2022