Good Friday that commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus is traditionally a time of fasting. It is the most sacred day in the Christian calendar. The date of Good Friday, which vary each year, occur between March 20th and April 23rd. It falls on the last Friday before Easter. It is a time to meditate and rejoice upon God's love in sacrificing His only Son to redeem all the sins of mankind. Though Good Friday is celebrated in different ways around the globe, the basic essence of the day remains the same. On the occasion, people wear black clothes, cover the statues, pictures and crosses with black and unlit all the candles. To celebrate Good Friday people attend churches and say prayers to memorize and honor Christ’s death and sufferings. is the online gifting portal enabling non-resident Indians to send gifts to India. The online store arranges a plethora of gift articles for various occasions and festivals. You can also Send Gifts to India on Good Friday to make the occasion more memorable. You can send flower bouquets to India coupled with candles or cakes to India to your friends and relatives. You can also send apparel or watches to your dear ones as Easter gifts to India which is the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection. ‘Good Friday Buns’ are traditionally served on Good Friday for breakfast. So on Good Friday, you can prepare these special buns. They are usually spiced buns, buttered, either warm or toasted, with the ‘cross’ standing as a symbol of ‘The Crucifixion’. The recipe of the Good Friday Bun is as follows -

Good Friday Buns Recipe

Good Friday Celebrations

For The Ferment

   * 1 large egg, beaten

   * 215ml warm water

   * 20g active dried yeast – or 40g live fresh yeast

   * 1 tsp sugar

   * 50g strong white flour

For The Dough

    * 150g currants

    * 40g sultanas

    * 50g chopped mixed peel

    * 625g strong white flour

    * 1 tsp sea salt

    * 3 tsp ground mixed spice

    * 150g unsalted butter (or lard), softened

    * 100g sugar

    * grated zest of a lemon

For The Cross

    * 3 tbsp plain flour

    * 2 tbsp milk (add more if necessary)

    * 1 tbsp butter, softened

    * 1 tbsp icing (powdered) sugar

For The Bun Glaze

    * 3 tbsp golden syrup (corn syrup) warmed

    * 1 tbsp hot water


Prepare the Pastry Cross

In a small mixing bowl add the flour and rub in the butter until it forms fine breadcrumbs, sprinkle in the sugar and beat in the milk until a smooth moist pastry is formed which can be piped easily through a small piping bag.

Make the Hot Cross Buns

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