Good Friday is around the corner you must be missing your family and friends now. The rituals and traditions that you follow during this time might be one of the many things you want to participate in. If you want to participate in the proceedings of the Holy day then send some gifts for the reverence of the day. If you find it difficult to find gifts for the day don't worry we've got your back. This article focuses on the gift ideas that you can send on Good Friday. To know more keep reading the article. 

Living away from home might have been rough but what’s worse is that you can’t participate in festivals and days to solemnize grief. Good Friday is one of those days when the followers of Jesus Christ repent for their sins and honor his sacrifice for humankind. You must be anxious about how to take part in the processions of this day. As this day marks the last hours of Jesus Christ on Earth before his death on Mt. Cavalry the people mourn his death on this day. The day holds much significance as Christ sacrificed his life for humankind so that they can be redeemed to enter the kingdom of heaven. The people visit churches and fast to honor Christ’s sacrifice, hence sending something to show your bereavement becomes complex. Your participation also counts, so if you want to participate even if you are away from home, you can send things to express your reverence. We know it's difficult to come up with things that you can send to your dear ones on Good Friday so, with much care, we have curated a list of gifts.


Lilies are the most symbolic flower that you send to express your grief. Along with it mostly white flowers displays purity, peace, and tranquility and thus are mostly used on this occasion of Good Friday. Lilies, White Roses, Chrysanthemums, and Carnations can be good choices of flowers if you want to send them on this day. A flower basket would be a good option, your loved ones can offer it at the Church Alter if that is your wish, or if you want them to decorate it in their house’s Alter then a bouquet will be better. They can easily put the flowers in the vase and it will adorn the Alter and fit the occasion as well.


Send Gifts to India on Good Friday

As many fast on the day of Good Friday, sending fruits for your dear ones can be very thoughtful. The fast ends at 3 pm and having fruits right after that will give them the right amount of energy, proteins, and nutrients they need for the day. Fruits are a healthy source of energy and as the visit to the Churches can leave them weary so sending them fruits will make them feel cared for. This is a very thoughtful gift that you can send to your dear ones and express your care for them even if you are away.


Send Gifts to India on Good Friday

Many people like to offer white flowers to the Altar. If your loved ones also like to do so you can opt for a vase to send as a gift. They can decorate the Altar with the Vase on the sides and put flowers on it. The Altar is decorated with candle stands and candles to commence the prayer for the day so an Altar without vases looks incomplete. This gift will signify your emotion and express your wishes for the day’s proceeding. Hence, this will be an amiable gifting option for your loved ones.

Candle Stands

Send Gifts to India on Good Friday

Another main aspect of an Altar is candle stands. As lighting a candle on the Altar to commemorate the day and complete the prayer is essential. So, sending a set of candle stands will be unique. These candle stands will serve many purposes and can be used on many occasions not only on Good Friday. So, send a set of candle stands without any gestation to your dear ones.

Cross Showpiece 

To commemorate the day you want to send something that signifies the day and the sufferings through which Christ went through. You can opt for a Holy Cross showpiece. It can be of any size and type and you certainly will find many options available so it would become easier to send a Holy Cross showpiece to express your reverence on this significant day. 

These gifts will definitely express your Good Friday wishes to your dear ones in India. Good Friday is a day filled with reverence and sorrow. The day itself conveys the message, that Jesus sacrificed himself for the sins that we have committed. The burden of our sins was the cross that he dragged to the Mt. Cavalry on which he was crucified, it is our devoir to honor his sacrifice. So send these gifts and participate in the proceedings of this holy day and make your loved ones feel cared for.

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