Best Gift Ideas to Celebrate Ugadi

Ugadi Meal

Ugadi is an important festival among the Telugu and Kannad speaking people of India. They welcome their new year on this day by worshipping Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. This day is marked by various rituals, traditions and festivities. Sending gifts is also an integral part of this celebration. Here are 7 thoughtful gift ideas that will make your loved one’s Ugadi a memorable one.

  1. Professional Cleaning

    The celebration of Ugadi begins a week before the festival. People get into an intensive cleaning spree through this week. To make this Ugadi a less work and more fun one, you could gift your near and dear ones a professional home cleaning voucher. Various companies like Urbanclap, Hammer and Mop and Hicare provide domestic cleaning services. This can save your loved ones a lot of trouble.
  2. Shopping Vouchers

    It is customary for people to wear new clothes on Ugadi. Traditionally, men on this day wear Panche which is a particular type of Dhoti. Women taking part in the festivities of Ugadi dress in half-sarees. To make your loved one’s new year more special, you could make a chic addition to their wardrobe. Send gift card to India. This one of a kind gift helps you to contribute to their happiness while also giving them the scope to choose their own presents.
  3. Flowers

    Flowers are a symbol of auspiciousness. It is a wonderful gift to send on Ugadi to your friends and family. The purity and innocence that is there in flowers adds to the piety and the spirit of this event. As per custom, people offer the flowers of neem, mango and tamarind to appease the almighty on this day.

  4. Sweets

    Sweets are a lovely gift for any and every occasion. Right from being an important part of puja offerings to completing every festive meal these can never be left out. So, sweeten a dear one’s Ugadi celebrations by gifting him/her an assorted box of sweets to India.

  5. Potted Plants

    This festival is said to be the day when spring arrives. This beautiful and vibrant season brings with it the magic of new life. Spring is a time when new saplings grow, flowers bloom and summer fruits, especially mangoes appear. This makes Ugadi the perfect occasion for gifting your friends and family potted plants. There can never be a more meaningful and eco-friendly gift than this. With our need for planting more greens increasing every day, this could be an incredible gift.
  6. Worship Items

    Ugadi originates from the word Yugadi - which roughly translates to the origin of a new age. It is believed that on this day Lord Brahma had started creating the universe. Lord Vishnu is said to have had a huge role to play in this creation as well. Hence he also called the Yugaadikrit. Hence, on Ugadi, they are worshipped and shown gratitude to. To make this day more special for a loved one, you could send him/her an idol of the lord or other important worship items. Such items could include puja thalis, incense stick holders, bells, hanging charms etc.
  7. Fragrant Body Oils

    A common tradition followed on Ugadi is getting an Abhyangam done. Abhyangam is a comforting warm oil massage. The oil used in this is medicinal and fragrant. There are numerous health benefits of this procedure. It increases blood circulation, tones muscles, smoothens skin and even helps in getting good sleep to state a few. So on this auspicious day, you could gift your dear one wellness through a set of Abhyangam oil bottles.
Pragya Published: Jan 07, 2020 | Last Updated: Oct 15, 2020
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