India is a land where all occasions are celebrated in full zest. Rakhi is one of the biggest festivals in India. Sisters from around the world can send rakhi to India & brothers from around the world send rakhi gifts for sisters to celebrate rakhi 2024. Send rakhi to India from UK.

Rakhi celebrates the unique bond of a brother and a sister, a bond that we are tied to since childhood. This festival is very famous in India, and every Hindu home celebrates it with lots of enthusiasm. It is so popular that even sisters living abroad send Rakhi to India for their brothers. Electronic gadgets are one of the most popular gifting options for brothers. To make the festival of Rakhi special, our online store has brought you a wonderful range of Electronic gadgets from all the reputed brands in India. This article gives you a list of electronic gadgets you can send to your siblings, including an electric shaver, kindle, PlayStation, and others. Read to know more. 

Despite being miles away, you can celebrate the occasion of Rakhi with your siblings and give them the most special experience. Send Rakhis to India along with gifts can sometimes be really difficult for people living abroad. Our website has hundreds of gift items, for you to choose from, and they are also categorized according to age group and relations. Once you use our services, you would be surprised to realize how easy it is to send Rakhis to India. So, it is a wonderful idea to add one as a gift when you send Rakhi to India. Listed below are a few of the electronic products available on our portal which would be the perfect gift for your gadget freak brother! 

1. Electric Shaver

An electric shaver will definitely surprise your brother in India with its super reflexive function which shows a remarkable shaving performance in minutes. Its precise cutting technology leaves the skin smooth. It can operate for 30 minutes at a stretch and can be easily recharged. This not only offers a pleasant shaving experience but also protects the skin from nicks and cuts.

2. PlayStation 

Top 5 Gadgets that you can gift this Rakhi

This Rakhi you can gift your brother impeccable gaming consoles and related accessories. If he is a gaming enthusiast, he would love to receive a PlayStation as a gift on this occasion. It is also a nice way of spending his leisure time if he likes playing games. He can even call his friends home and spend quality time playing games. The immersive gaming experience makes this an all-time favorite gift!

3. Kindle

Top 5 Gadgets that you can gift this Rakhi

Gifting a kindle to your sibling can be a life-changing experience for them if they are avid readers. Often known as portable libraries, these can store almost about five thousand books at a time. It's great for traveling, and it's nice to always have a book handy when you are waiting in line or stuck in traffic. They can also have good access to some of the exceptional books that have always been on their wishlist. Your sibling can spend several hours reading his favorite book and it can even develop into a good habit. 

4. Fitness Tracker


A fitness tracker can be a cool gift for your sibling. You can help your sibling embrace the healthy way of being with fitness trackers, wearable devices, or digital applications that record your physical activity. It might be helpful to keep a track of your health and at the same time be more aware of maintaining good health. It keeps a check on the heart rate, steps, sleep patterns, and activity levels regularly which can be of good use to stay fit and healthy.

5. Polaroid Camera

Top 5 Gadgets that you can gift this Rakhi

Freeze your special moments together forever by taking instant photos on the polaroid camera. It takes high-quality instant photos that you can display or use to create a scrapbook full of memories. If he is into traveling, he can well carry it with them and make special memories of each moment. This can be the best gift to your sibling if he loves documenting memories. 

The gifts mentioned above can be some of the good options that you can consider sending to your siblings in different locations. Distance should never be a barrier when it comes to making any festival special so send rakhi gifts to India. You can check our article on how to send rakhi to India from USA which will make it easy to send gifts. So pick a thoughtful gift for them and add up to the festivity to make it special for them.


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