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Surprise your fiance with a thoughtful gift that is surely going to make them feel special. Since it is the first time, you might be confused about what to gift them but here we have a list of gifts that can make your task easy. There are gifts like perfume, watches, grooming products, etc. Read this article for more.

An engagement is a big step for the relationship. Congratulations! You aren’t boyfriend-girlfriend anymore! It is a time of happiness and smiles as you gear up to plan for the grand wedding. All gifts in a relationship are generally thoughtful but a gift to your fiance needs to be even more so. The emotion and the sentiment behind the gift matters the most! If you are confused about gifting and all that sentiment is waiting to burst forth, here is a list of gifts that will definitely make your fiencé smile.

1. Bath companion hamper

First Gift for fiance in India

A peaceful bath, after a long and hectic day, feels rejuvenating and relaxing! Bath salts, mood candles and a beautiful aroma is an absolute mood setter and relaxant. Gift this to your fiance to help him relax from all the stress of planning the wedding.

2. Personalised photo frame

The two of you are planning now to spend an entire lifetime together. It is only fitting that the both of you get a picture together and a pretty frame to put it in. It will be a token of memorabilia even years later. A good addition to your wall or office desk.

3. Airpods

First Gift for fiance in India

Your fiance is going to love these. Wireless music at it’s finest, your fiance is going to be giddy, especially during phone calls when he can hear your voice crystal clear.

4. Tie and cufflinks

First Gift for fiance in India

Your fiance likes looking prim and proper for his work or business meetings. Gift him this beautiful set. A nice tie and dashing cufflinks will add an element of sophistication and class to his look.

5. Perfume

The delightful smell of exotic perfume will make your fiance smell like an English garden. It leaves a long lasting impression and will make him feel fresh for long hours. This overwhelming fragrance will help him stand out in the crowd!

6. Watch

First Gift for fiance in India

Watches are a classy gift for men. You can gift your fiance a watch suiting his taste. Watches are both a utility and a style statement. It is also a thoughtful gift that will show how well you understand your future partner.

7. Grooming products

First Gift for fiance in India

Most men don’t spend too much time taking care of how they are looking. Gifting your fiance a grooming set will be just the motivation he needs to get it done. Being well-groomed is not just about one's appearance. It is rather a way of life that helps us make ourselves feel better about ourselves.Looking well-groomed will not only help him to present himself better but also help him indulge in self-care.

8. Wallet

Everyone needs wallets. It is a gift that will come in handy in everyday life. It’s a thoughtful gift to give your fiance. Wallets come in a lot of shapes and sizes, you make the choice according to your fiance’s taste and it will definitely bring a smile to his face.

9. A trip together

Travelling together is a bonding experience. It builds trust and strengthens your bond. Fun memories get associated with each other. Travelling together is a good team building experience and it’s something that you need to have with your fiance.

10. Flowers

This was probably the most obvious choice. Nothing conveys love more than flowers. It is the classic gesture of love and your fiance will definitely enjoy a bouquet of beautiful flowers. When you plan to spend your life together, the gift itself hardly matters. The sentiment behind it does. No matter whatever you give your fiance, if it's thoughtful and reflects your love for them, then it will be the perfect gift.

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