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The joy of Diwali has already washed over India and many more of its neighboring countries. If you are trying to find ways to send your love warmth and regards to your loved ones in India with the help of gifts then you must be thinking of ways and gifts to send to them. Well in that case what you can do is send them exclusive gift hampers that are made exclusively for Diwali. If you want to know more about an exclusive gift hamper for Diwali then keep reading the article for more. 

Diwali is one of the many festivals that has a significant impact on the lives of the people of India. It is not only the Hindu community that celebrates the festival and lights up the evening. Almost everybody bursts crackers and distributes sweets and enjoys this festival. This is the beauty of India in every celebration we are together. The festival with its cultural and religious significance is celebrated with much vigor. The country is adorned with lights and the dark skies are lighted by the mesmerizing fireworks. Another aspect of Diwali is sending gifts to your loved ones, it is not only just sending gifts but conveying your warm regards to your loved ones. The gift that you send expresses your concern and love for them so sending the appropriate one is crucial. If you have no idea what you can send as gifts to your loved ones then here we are with some Diwali gift ideas that you can send gifts to your loved ones in India. 

Dryfruit and Nut Hamper 

Don’t you think when we talk about Diwali it’s not only about firecrackers and sweets it’s also about Dry fruits? As dry fruits signify health and luxury it becomes one of the many gifts that conveys your warm regards. You can send them a delicious Dry fruits and nut gift hamper including all the dry fruits they love or you would like them to send. It can have kaju, pista, raisins, walnuts, and many more things you wish. You can definitely add some more things apart from dry fruit and nuts like sweets or chocolates. Or maybe perfume and something else you think might delight your loved ones. This is what a hamper is about adding gifts that will present the receiver with a wave of emotions. 

Sweets Hamper

Let’s commence the Diwali festivities with sweets! We don’t have to explain to you why but for a heads-up we all know every good and auspicious celebration starts with sweets. It is like hailing the good and sweet memories and wishing that may everyone has a sweet time. So, you can understand what it means to send sweets as gifts. Hence, sending sweets will signify your wishes and warm regards. It will be one of the many things that are anticipated and warm-heartedly received as gifts. Choose a sweet hamper including their favorite sweets or give their taste buds a sweet treat with a mixed sweet hamper. Bring joy and ecstasy to their festivities with this gift. 

Firecrackers Hamper 

Exclusive Diwali Hampers

You can never imagine Diwali without fireworks. If you want to send Diwali in a box to your loved ones, you can send them a box filled with their favorite firecrackers. If you have no idea what is their favorite firecrackers then don’t worry there are some all-time favorite firecrackers that are safe and everybody’s favorite too. You can opt for flower pots, sparklers, garlands, spinners and so on. This gift will certainly surprise them and excite them for the festival. Hence, send love warmth, and loads of excitement to your loved ones. 

Spiritual Box Hamper 

Exclusive Diwali Hampers

The primary and most essential thing in the festivities of Diwali is the puja ceremonies. The day of Diwali feels incomplete without the puja ceremonies, fireworks, and sweets. Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped on this day to create a balance between prosperity and success. As Lord Ganesha is believed to be the “Vigna Harta” the one who removes any obstacle the worship of these Gods has significance on this day. For a successful puja, one needs all the essentials for puja. So, if you send a puja essential Spiritual Gift hamper for your loved one you will be sending a significant gift this Diwali. You can look for a hamper that has almost everything that is needed for puja and it will be an ideal gift for the occasion. 

Makeup Essential Hamper 

Preparations for this grand day are taken in advance and in the preparations we must not forget our loved ones. They prepare for the celebration and decorate the house we prepare gifts for them and make them more beautiful! The best gift to enhance their beauty is to send them a set of makeup essentials. If they love wearing makeup and already have a stash then you can send them the most trending makeup essentials. But if they are just in the beginner level then opting for just the basic makeup essentials can be a great deal. You can be the one to encourage them to express themselves through makeup and it definitely will be one of the cool gifts that they receive this festive season. 

Scented Candles Hamper 

Exclusive Diwali Hampers

Light and bright, no matter where you set your eyes it’s candles and Diyas everywhere! People buy Diyas and candles to decorate their houses so sending just candles can be very ordinary. But if you are sending scented candles hamper with different fragrances then it will be surprising for your loved ones. They will be able to use the candles not only during Diwali but even after the festivities and celebrations to calm their senses. It is a wonderful gift idea that can be used on the occasion as well. A room lighted with candles and wrapped around with a pleasant fragrance is something that will create a beautiful atmosphere and it will all be possible because of your gift. 

Gifts like this will express your warm regards and make them feel special. Sending gifts to your loved ones gives you warmth in the heart. Receiving them provides a sense of belonging, hence when you are apart during the festivities your gift is a form of love they receive. So, send these gift hampers to your loved ones during Diwali as gifts and make them feel special. 

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