Diwali & Dussehra Gifts to India

Everything in the Indian culture that are celebrated as festivals and occasions may be easily related to the deeds and ruling of Lord Ram. He lived his life with the top morals and he also taught his companions and common people as the Lord of Ayodhya to be simple and moral in their deeds. That is why he has been bestowed with such prestige and huge honor by the Hindu society. You might know the fact that Diwali comes just 20 after the Dusshera is celebrated all over the country. There is proper linkage between these two festivals. In fact, there is a supporting yet considered true story according to the Hindu society that will make you proud and surprised about the roots, where the festivals have been purely derived from.

Lord Ram, the real incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Treta Yuga, was married to Sita. On the day of Dusshera, Ram had killed the evil Ravana, the king of Lanka. As per the Ramayana, Sita was abducted by Ravana when Ram, his younger brother Laxman and Sita was compelled to live in 14 years of exile. Then, Ram decided to bring back his lovely wife and in the massive historical war campaign, Ram was followed and supported by Laxman, his blind follower Hanuman and a huge army of monkeys fought a long war that ended for 10 days. At the end, Ram successfully killed Ravana and that day is celebrated as Dusshera in the Hindu traditions. On the other hand, when Ram returned to his kingdom Ayodhya with Laxman and lovely wife Sita, the common people rejoiced the royal return with lightening. This day is now celebrated as Diwali every year where people believe in the power of light and thus, worship it in any live form.

On Diwali, people light their houses, business places and office with earthed diyas. The crackers are burst on the same day to celebrate the returning of Lord Ram and sweets are distributed all over. You may also across some massive podium in public places where whole drama according to Ramayana is enacted to show the happenings and acts of different characters at that time. In fact, Diwali is the festival that is celebrated for the victory of light over darkness and good over evil forces. It is the real festival of lights and cleanliness.

In this festival, people worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha too. It is expected that worshipping goddess Laxmi will invite huge fortune and prosperity in homes whereas Lord Ganesha is worshipped for removing the obstacles for the coming year. In 2011, the festival will start from October 24 when Dhanteras falls and Diwali will be rejoiced on 26th October. It also marks the beginning of New Year.

Aparna Published: Sep 29, 2011 | Last Updated: Sep 16, 2022