The feelings that you share for your loved lady are special. You want to make her happy by giving her a unique gift. Cosmetics from famed brands are a suitable option for her. They provide defining touches to her beauty. There are different types of cosmetics addressing to different needs. Some take care of the skin, some help in making the hair better, some address the nails, while some are for the lips and eye lashes. Cosmetics are a prized gift for her because they uplift her total persona.

The history of Cosmetics is more than 6000 years old.  The archaeological evidence of its first usage is found in ancient Egypt.  Greeks and Romans also knew the use of cosmetics.  In Middle East, cosmetics were familiar from the time of the Persian Empire.  The use of Henna as hair dye and for body art has been in use in India from the 4th or 5th century.  The Chinese used gelatin, beeswax, egg and gum arabic to stain the fingernails.  In ancient Japan lipstick made from crushed safflower petals were used to paint the eyebrows and the lips.  In America some of the natives painted their faces before battles or any ceremonial events.  Cosmetics proliferated on a large scale with the dawn of the 20th century.  America and Europe witnessed a surge in the use of cosmetics with the arrival of theater and ballet stars.  The coming of Hollywood further transformed the scenario.  With time Cosmetics changed their texture and became further developed.  Today cosmetics are the pride of a lady across the globe.  Enriched with new products every time cosmetics are enhancing the way a modern woman looks.

Nowadays, cosmetics can be segregated according to age.  There is a range of cosmetics for teenagers.  An exclusive collection caters to the needs of women who have crossed their teens.  There are also special products for older women to take care of their growing age.  On you come across wide collection of cosmetics which address the needs of women who are close to your heart.  Comprising of collections from world renowned brands like Lakme , Garnier , Himalaya , Loreal , Lotus , Shahnaz Husain and Ponds,you can search for a plenty.

Teenage girls are concerned about their looks.  Beauty care products are a must for them.  A Total Care Package comprising of HairNext Shampoo, SunExpert Cream, True Wear Nail Colour, Lipstick, Pure Defense Night Cream, Thick Lash Mascara, Strawberry Face Wash, and Body Milk is a dream gift for a teenager.  This package is also of good utility for a lady who is a bit older.  Teens love to socialize and they party hard.  A complete range of Party Care products consisting of Instant Bounce Styling Hair Gel, Strawberry Facewash, Colour Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Nail Colour, and Radiance Compact is an exclusive gift for them. Teenage is a very delicate part of life when women witness hormonal imbalances leading to the secretion of excess oil, especially around the facial area.  Apart from teenagers, working women and those who have to go out every day, face problems with oily skin because of overexposure to sun and pollution.  An Oil Control Package comprising Face Wash, Refreshing Astringent, Sun Expert Ultra Matte, and Pure Defence Night Cream can just be the solution to their problem.

Cosmetics- Adding grace to her persona

The person whom you love truly can never grow old.  You can put an end to her growing age by gifting her Age Control Hamper.  The Age Control Package consists of cosmetics that help in rejuvenating her looks.  It includes Age Miracle Facial Foam, Age Miracle Cream, and Age Miracle Serum.  Another package includes Ultra Doux Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Clean Gel Face Wash, Anti-Aging Cream, Moisturizer Lotion, and Replenishing Night Cream. A teenage sister or one in her 20s, 30s, and 40s devotes a good amount of time to taking care of her eyes and lips.  Thick Lash Mascara, Eye Pencil, Lip Liner Pencil, Eye Shadow, Lip Stick, and Lipgloss are special gifts for her. Beauty care for a lady is incomplete without proper attention being given to her hair.  Her hair needs replenishment.  You can send her gifts like Color Shampoo, Conditioner, Instant Bounce Styling Gel, and Quick Silk Serum. Her glowing hair is your pride!

Day-long care of the skin is essential for her.  It helps her to beam with confidence throughout the day.  Flawless Daily Cream, Face Wash, Flawless Night Treatment, and Daily Care Hamper are her day-long companion. Sending gifts for her to India has always been a special experience.  You can make the experience an unforgettable one by sending gifts to India through us.  A lady loves to look good always and cosmetics help her in being a diva.  Express your inner feelings for that special lady in your unique way.  Send a gift that will leave a permanent mark on her heart.

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