True friendship is quite a rarity in today’s world. If you have genuine female friends, treasure them forever. Even if you stay far away from your female friends, do not let distance come in the way of friendship. Gifting your friend needs no occasion. Opt for these wonderful gift ideas, express your love to them in myriad ways and keep them close to your heart.

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.”

In life, you meet certain people who turn out to be friends for a lifetime. They are a yin to your yang, they bring colours to your words and serve as your go to person in good or bad times. They accept you with your flaws and understand you without a spoken word. Your secrets are safe with these friends and you can hardly imagine your life without them. If you have such female friends in your life, you are truly blessed! You might not meet them very often but the connection you share with them remains as strong as ever. It is important to celebrate these rare friendships and remind your friends that they are truly loved. Even if you are far away from them, sending gifts could be a great way to honour these friendships. If you know your female friends inside out, choosing a perfect gift for them will be easy. Here are some of the gift options that can help you convey your love to your female friends.

1.Essential cosmetic set

Regardless of age, women love looking beautiful. Cosmetics act as a magical beauty aid that can make an individual rediscover her beauty. Even if your female friend is not much into makeup, this is a cosmetic set that will come in handy in everyday life. Comprising makeup essentials like lipstick, nail colour, eyeshadow palette, mousse tint, this cosmetic set can make her look gorgeous in a minute. This mousse can be used both as a lip or cheek tint. Even if she goes out to work everyday, this wholesome 9 to 5 cosmetic set can accentuate her beauty and make her look nothing less than a diva.

2. Clutches

Top 10 Gifts for a Female Friend in India

A clutch is a fashion accessory that helps women create a strong style statement no matter where they go. If your female friend loves looking fashionable, a clutch is the perfect gift for her. Women do not like carrying huge handbags especially on occasions or parties. Clutches do not have straps and hence, keep the arms free. Your friend can also carry her bare essentials like debit cards, cosmetic products, IDs or mobile phones in the clutch. Even if she does not put on embellishments, these designer clutches can compliment her style and make heads turn.

3.Exotic Tea Hamper

"Where there's tea, there's happiness."

If your female friend also finds her happiness in tea, there could be no better gift for her than this exotic tea hamper. For tea-lovers, tea is not just a refreshing beverage. It is a magical potion that can lift up spirits and keep people active for long hours. Comprising organic slim tea bags, relaxing night time tea and darjeeling tea, this hamper can be a true asset for tea lovers. The organic slim tea bag will keep your friend in shape, the night time tea will let her sleep peacefully while the Darjeeling tea will make her tea-time enjoyable with its strong aroma and rich flavour.

4. Kitchen Knife Set

Top 10 Gifts for a Female Friend in India

A person who spends a considerable amount of time in the kitchen knows the importance of knives. A comprehensive kitchen knife set is a kitchen tool that makes the chopping experience simple, hassle free and brings in joy in the kitchen. This set can be used for dicing vegetables, cutting meat, slicing herbs and more. Ideally, this should be a versatile kitchen tool set that includes chef’s knife, santoku knife, carving knife, bread knife, utility knife, boning knife and steak knife. It is a precious gift for home chefs who love experimenting in the kitchen.

5.Homefurnishing Gift Voucher

Women generally love revamping the interiors of their house every now and then to break the monotony. Home furnishing gifts can help your friend experiment with her interiors and add life to her abode. With this gift voucher, your friend will be able to buy furniture, homeware or modular kitchen accessories and decorate their homes according to their own tastes and preferences. Most importantly, she can redeem the voucher at their own sweet time.

6.Skincare Hamper

Top 10 Gifts for a Female Friend in India

You hardly need any embellishment when you have glowing skin. Having a regular skincare routine offers premium nourishment to the skin and keeps it healthy. This hamper offers the best of Lakme products like face wash with peach extracts which cleans your face thoroughly without causing any dryness. Alongside, it also consists of a sun expert cream which protects your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The radiance UV lotion brightens your skin and removes the dead cells from your skin.

7.Tiny houseplants

These are nature friendly gifts that can bring out the nurturer in your friend. These will bring a breath of freshness in her apartment thereby offering a slice of nature at home. No matter where she places it, this tiny plant will enhance the beauty of her abode. If your friend loves plants, this gift will make sure that her happiness knows no bounds. The best houseplants to give includes christmas cactus, jade plant, bonsai, moth orchid and more.

8. Designer Stoles

Top 10 Gifts for a Female Friend in India

Be it summers or winters, a stole is an accessory that makes women have fun with fashion. It can act as a perfect winter drape or can add an element of quirk in our summer fashion games. Your friend can even pair this up with dresses, shirts or ordinary outfits and look effortlessly stylish. A stole is the most versatile piece of clothing that can be worn and draped in various ways. If it is a gift for summers, opt for soft fabrics like cotton. For winters, you could ideally gift heavy-knit stoles. Choose from the wide collection of designer stoles on our site.

9. Epilator

Top 10 Gifts for a Female Friend in India

This is a beauty tool that has gained popularity among women across the globe. Women often have to visit salons for waxing or threading. An epilator helps us to remove unwanted body hair without having to step out of our homes. This hair removal technique is not only painless but can also offer better results than waxing, shaving, plucking or tweezing. These can also remove dead cells from the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Epilators could be a thoughtful gift for your female friends.

10. Special Box of Emotions

Top 10 Gifts for a Female Friend in India

True friendship is all about unadulterated emotions. Breath life in these emotions through this heart-touching personalised gift. In your journey of friendship, you must have made fond memories. Take your friend back to those memories through this special box of emotions. The box comes with a folded strip attached to the lid and the base. As soon as your friend opens the box, she will be able to revisit the memories. The folds of the box will contain the images which will feature a precious memory with your friend. Add sweet notes with the images in the consecutive boxes. This gift will convey what this friendship means to you and will be etched in the heart of your friend forever.

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