She might not be your own daughter but your connection with your niece is truly special.  On special occasions or days when you miss her the most, you could send the best of gifts and cherish the bond. This article talks about the best of gifts that you could send to your niece and make her feel celebrated. The gifting options include handbags, personalised cups, gift vouchers and more. 

Aunts and uncles have been some of the coolest relatives we’ve had! Just like our parents, they are also responsible for moulding us and inspiring us to be better versions of ourselves. If you have a niece, you can easily make her feel special if you know how to strike the right chord in her heart! You can top her list of favourites by showering her with immense love in the form of these gifts thereby making memories of a lifetime.

1. Handbag


Top 10 Gifts for Niece in India

Handbags and purses are a great gift to give to your niece of any age. Having your own handbag gives you a sense of independence and helps improve organisation skills. Handbags have proven to give women an outward statement of fashion savvy and great confidence. Being almost a product of necessity, your niece would definitely appreciate this gift from you.

2. Personalised Photo Puzzle 

Solving a personalised photo puzzle is a fun activity to share with your niece. This would make moments spent with her even more memorable. Sharing this fun activity would not only help her with her teamwork spirit, but also give her a bonding opportunity that she’ll definitely cherish.


3. An appealing mug, with an even more appealing saying

Top 10 Gifts for Niece in India

Whether it be a strong cup of tea in the morning or soothing hot chocolate during winter evenings, this appealing mug will come handy at all times. Starting every morning with the motivational quote you personally select for your niece, would definitely give her something to remember you by.

4. Flowers and Chocolate Combo  

The evergreen custom of gifting flowers and chocolates still possesses the strength to make anyone happy. Gifting flowers and chocolates to your niece would instantly bring a smile to her face. A flower and chocolate gift hamper would very well present the non verbal message signifying care and gentleness, and is a great gift for such a close loved one.

5. Cosmetics

Top 10 Gifts for Niece in India

Cosmetics would not only make your niece feel confident but also help her enhance her artistic abilities. Almost every woman is fond of makeup and if your niece is one of them, then our cosmetic hampers are a must have for her. Well known brands, carefully selected and paired with their best matches, all ready for your niece to doll up and look and feel her best!


6. Film Date 

A female lead in today’s generation is so much more than just a main character. It is almost a tool to teach young girls something powerful about being themselves, and to encourage them to set the sky as their limit. Watching a strong female lead film with your niece would make her feel empowered and give her values of being independent and confident. This sets a great example for her and makes you the ideal role model to help her learn and grow into a bright individual.


7. Shopping Gift Vouchers

It is a known fact that every woman enjoys shopping. Gifting your beloved niece a shopping gift voucher would absolutely make her day and give her the freedom of choice to buy whatever she’d want to. It will also be a much convenient option as she could redeem this voucher whenever she wants.


8. Make your own lip balm kit

Harsh chemicals sometimes make it unsafe to use many cosmetic products. Making her own lip balm will not only enhance your niece’s creative abilities, but also give her an experience to use something that she created herself with organic ingredients such as petroleum jelly and essential oils, making it a much safer option for her. This would make her feel motivated to be independent and maybe even raise her entrepreneurial senses. Truly, an amazing gift idea. 

9. Jewellery

Top 10 Gifts for Niece in India

Women love jewellery. Wearing sparkling and beautiful ornaments somehow makes every woman feel celebrated. Jewellery in itself is the representation of the art of self and creative expression. Jewellery is always a good gift choice for any female, and gifting this to your niece would make her feel special for sure.

10. Fun Picnic Date

Top 10 Gifts for Niece in India

Any activity becomes fun when food is involved. A fun picnic date with your niece would not only strengthen your bond with them but also give them these special moments to remember you by. Time spent outdoors is always fun and your niece would surely appreciate the quality time you spend with her.

The relationship of an aunt or uncle with their niece is a special one. It's not just the close family relation, but what makes this relationship even more special is the friendship we see in this bond. Making sure you choose the right gift for your niece can be of utmost importance, and the above choices will surely get you the ultimate spot in their hearts!

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