Grandmothers often leave a deep impact on our lives. The emotional bond that we share with our grandmothers is unique and inexplicible. As we grow up, we realize the value of grandmums in our lives. Even if we are away from grandmom, our heart yearns to be with them. This article talks about the best gifts that can be sent to grandmom on any occasion. The list includes healthy munching hamper, personalized mugs, sewing kit and more. 

1. Best Grandmother in the World Mug

Top 10 Gifts for Grand Mother in India

A mug is a piece of crockery that is needed and used everyday. Right from your morning coffee, to your evening tea, a mug is required throughout every single day. Our special “Best Grandmother in the World” Mug is the gift that will help your grandmother feel celebrated and appreciated in your life.

2. Healthy Munching Hamper

Top 10 Gifts for Grand Mother in India

Everyone enjoys munching on tasty snacks which are mostly unhealthy. No matter what age, a serving of cookies will always remain a tasty treat. However, the nutritional requirements of our grandparents are much different than that of an adult’s. Reduced physical activity and lower metabolism contribute to a required change in diet for them. To see your grandmother in the best health possible, gifting her a Healthy Munching Hamper is beneficial. Consisting of healthy sugar free treats, this hamper is bound to make her switch to a healthier way of life.

3.  Audiobook Subscription

Everyone remembers the stories and tales our grandmas used to tell us during our childhood. What if you could make her experience the same joy of listening to such tales on her own? For a grandmother who loves a good story, an audio book is a great gift idea. An audio book would help her get to know and listen to intriguing and enticing stories without causing strain onto her aged eyes. With this gift your grandmother would be able to experience her favorite books and appreciable stories wherever she is--- whether it's while taking a walk, or cooking you a delicious treat. Audible is one of the platforms which enables you to listen to various audiobooks and podcasts of your choice right from your smartphone or tablet and a subscription to this app would be appreciated by your beloved grandmother for sure.

4.  Amazing Lakme Lady Hamper

Top 10 Gifts for Grand Mother in India

Grandmothers are truly responsible for the generations of great styling and beauty tips that we’ve inherited. This Amazing Lakme Lady Hamper is well deserved to celebrate and accentuate the timeless beauty of a grandmother. Perfect for the grandma that loves to doll up and even better for the one who, in taking care of everyone around her, has forgotten to take care of herself. By the lines of the quote “look good, feel good”, this makeup hamper is sure to make her feel more confident and happy.

5. Sewing Kit

Top 10 Gifts for Grand Mother in India

Warm mufflers and sweaters during winters, and handkerchiefs and bags for daily use, sewing is an art form that most grandmothers have mastered. For the crafty grandma that loves to showcase her artistic abilities through sewing, a brand new sewing kit is the best gift idea. This will not only give her a fun activity to enjoy spending free time with, but also give her an opportunity to showcase her talent.

6. Saregama Carvaan 

Top 10 Gifts for Grand Mother in India

Music has always been a way of expression. It has the power to instantly lift your mood and give you a burst of energy. Saregama Carvaan is an audio player with 5000 popular evergreen bollywood songs that are sure to get your grandmother grooving. Refreshing her memories and making her feel nostalgic, this gift will assure her to get a new zest for life. Portable and easy to carry everywhere, the Saregama Carvaan is surely a great gift idea for your grandmother.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Top 10 Gifts for Grand Mother in India

An essential oil diffuser is a great way of aromatherapy. This diffuser fills the air with fragrance of the essential oil used. The benefits of inhaling this fragrance are plenty depending on the oil used. For example, lavender essential oil is known to reduce stress and calm anxiety while eucalyptus essential oil can help with colds and headaches. Gifting this to your beloved grandmother would ensure her to take a break for herself and relax surrounded in her favorite fragrance.

8. Foot Massager

What's better than a good old foot massage? Grandmas, being the way that they are, often forget that it's important to take care of themselves as well. Having spent years serving and self sacrificing for the comfort of others, a foot massager for those weary legs that walked the path of life so tirelessly have earned a little pampering. A foot massager as a gift would be very beneficial for your grandmother and provide her with the comfort that she deserves.

9.  3 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

Top 10 Gifts for Grand Mother in India

Keeping a bamboo plant at home is said to be very beneficial. It is considered a lucky charm that draws in positivity and good health into your life. Aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance also makes the bamboo plant one of the best home decor gifts to present to your grandmother. This gift signifies best wishes and true well being for your beloved grandmother.



10.  Family Recipe Journal Book

Top 10 Gifts for Grand Mother in India

Every grandmother has special recipes through which she makes her grandchildren fall in love with her culinary skills. Some of these mouth watering recipes are her creations, and some are passed down onto her by previous generations. No matter what the source, a grandmother’s food is something that her grandchildren remember forever. Gifting her a family recipe book journal where she can write down her list of delicious recipes, is something that not only her, but the following generations will also cherish forever. This gives her an opportunity to pass on her legacy, and us the privilege of being able to witness and be a part of this beautiful process.


If the warmth of an entire home could be experienced through a single person, that person would be a grandmother. Ultimately, no matter what you gift your lovable grandma, the best gift for her would always be your affection and time. Along with the above listed gift ideas, we should always make it a point to spend quality time with our grandmothers, and try to make them feel as special as they make us feel, all the time.

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