Jamshedi Navroz: It's History & Significance

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Jamshedi Navroz is the grand celebration of the Parsi New Year that is carried out with much revelry and merriment. Delicious food and yummy drinks form an integral part of this festival and the whole festival revolves around it. It is also customary for people to visit friends and relatives and exchange lovely gifts on this occasion. This festival is a holy day for the Zoroastrians and many rituals and customs are an inseparable part of it. The dining table is decorated in special ways like Haft Seen, Half Mewa and Khoncha which is a must. You can send gifts to India on this very important day that has a very rich history and a high significance. Knowing about the history and significance will give you a more clear idea about this cultural festival.

History & Significance of Jamshedi Navroz

Jamshedi Navroz is a very old festival, having its origin with that of the Iranian ethnic group. This occasion is named after King Jamshed during whose reign this celebration is said to have been originated. The position of the sun plays a big role in determining the date of this event which is of great significance. A popular custom included weighing the king in gold and other precious elements and then distributing these items among the poor and needy. It is also important because the Parsis believe that it is on this day that the whole universe came into existence. Though King Jamshed is the one who gave an official status to this day, it is believed that the festival is much older than that. Zoroaster himself is said to have started the celebration of this grand day which gives it an immense significance. Many myths and stories also surround this festival because of its varied history and the significance it holds in the calendar of the world.

Staying away from your close ones in another country can be taxing as it means that you are missing such celebrations. However, you need to make do with what is in your hand and all you can do is send online gifts that will reach in time and lift everyone’s spirits. There are a number of Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas showcased on this online gift store that you can send for your friends and family in India on this occasion.

Jamshedi Navroz Gift Ideas

History & Significance

Jamshedi Navroz gift hampers consist of a collection of attractive gifts that you can send on this occasion. These gifts include flowers, sweets, chocolates, cakes, dry fruits, fruits, cookies, pastries, wall hangings and many others. The You Are So Sweet gift hamper has motichoor laddoos, Kit Kat chocolates and a vase of twelve gerberas of different colours. A gift of flowers is a wonderful gifting option and roses, lilies, gerberas and carnations can brighten any occasion. You can find many bouquets, baskets and bunches of flowers here that are perfect for this festival. The Red Sensation basket of flowers has twenty four red roses along with gypsophila and greens.

You can also gift food items on this occasion as it is a very important part of this auspicious festival. These include kaju barfis, mini samosas, masala nimkis, swalis, methi, ganthias, masala kajus and much more. The Crunchy Delight tray of food items has four types of food items, namely, masala nimkis, soys stick in a white coloured tray. Send Gift vouchers to India to enable to dear ones to select something of their own choice that is of use to them. Vouchers for dining, shopping, apparels, home decor, jewellery, watches and glasses are available here. The Pantaloons Connoisseurs Gift Voucher will enable your loved ones to shop to their hearts’ content for new clothes on this occasion.

A gift of home decor items can also be gifted on this occasion and your dear ones can decorate their homes with it. Such gift items on this online gifting portal include clocks, mirrors, photo frames, lamps, vinegar bottles and many others. The Elegant Watch Cum Photo Frame Home Decor item serves both the purposes of a clock and a photo frame. You can also gift show pieces to your family and friends during this festival that can beautify their rooms. These gifts include statuettes of boys, girls, animals, religious deities, trees, teddies, children and much more. The Beautiful Artificial Love Tree Showpiece is an artificial tree in the shape of a heart having green leaves.

These gifts to India from USA can really brighten up this year’s Jamshedi Navroz for your loved ones. Gifts for various other occasions and festivals are available here on this gifting site that you can look into. You can easily send gifts to India from USA through us and your gifts will definitely reach in time.

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