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Guru Poornima celebration is incomplete without spiritual gifts

People of India celebrate events throughout the year and those staying abroad send gifts to India to their near and dear ones to complete the celebration. No celebration is complete without gifts. When it comes to “Guru Poornima”, students make sure to remember their guru that is teachers by doing something for them that make the teachers feel proud of their students. It has been found that those staying abroad haven’t forgotten their roots and try to do whatever they can from the distant land for their gurus on the auspicious occasion of “Guru Poornima.” It strengthens the bond between the teacher and pupil and the teacher understand their importance in the lives of the students.

On the auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima, surprise your guru as you send gifts to India and make your guru ecstatic. If you become indecisive as to which gift to send then this online shopping portal will help you choose many Guru Purnima gift ideas. Spiritual gifts are one of the best ideas to give to your teachers and mentors.

Holy Idols : Manifest your veneration to your mentor with beautiful holy idols on the reverential occasion of Guru Poornima. These auspicious statuettes come with the blessings of Almighty. The Goddess of Knowledge is Goddess Saraswati, a well known God in Hindu mythology This is a beautiful Saraswati idol made of china clay and decorated nicely.

Goddess Of Knowledge

Shagun Coins : Convey your gratitude to your mentor with an exquisite gold or silver Sagun coin on this reverential occasion. All these auspicious coins come with the engravings of esteemed deities. With the Laxmi Gold Coin welcome goddess laxmi home to mark the presences of prosperity & wealth. It is made of 22kt gold.

Laxmi Gold Coin

Puja Thalis : Puja Thali make any occasion more auspicious for your dear ones in India. The Round Puja Thali is a golden in color.
Spiritual Hamper : Pay homage to your mentor with a spiritual hamper on the venerated occasion of Guru Poornima. This assortment comes with various puja accessories which can be used in the special puja observed on this reverential day. The Brass Puja Thali Set is a brass thali.

Students cannot express their gratitude to the teachers on a single day like Guru Poornima by sending gifts to India from USA. It is only a way of showing homage and they will carry their gurus in their heart for entire life and will remain indebted to them for their unconditional effort.

Amrita Published: Jun 21, 2016 | Last Updated: Feb 27, 2019
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