Gifts of Food Items for your foodie friend in India

GiftsFoods are the main reasons behind the existence of animal race including human beings. In primitive ages, Men used to hunt animals and take them as food, moreover they used to take fruits from various trees to meet their hunger.  With the invention of fire, people started to roast their foods. But as Science has taken a giant step towards invention of new and improved technology hence now we can prepare delicious food items in a shorter span of time.

The next gen boys and girls are more in love with what is called “Fast Foods”. These can be prepared in a short time span and are also delicious. The busy young people can eat them on the run. But with the mixing of other cultures, food items like pizza, pasta or continental cuisines are being preferred by Indians. 

India is popular in the world for its tasty and palatable cuisines. Special delicacies like Hyderabadi biriyani, Rosogolla, Idli or kheer are famous abroad. Indians love food, and Food Items are an important part in any Indian occasion. There is exchange of traditional Indian dishes in festivals like Diwali. Mostly sweets are considered to be auspicious in any festival of India. They are also offered to God during any Puja.

You may have a foodie friend who likes Indian foods, so for them there are lot of food items that you can send them as gifts to India. Some of these items are:


Cakes : Cakes are mainly an influence of Western culture. In Western countries cakes become a part of any joyous occasion. But nowadays in India too cakes are a delicious gift item. Special cakes are cut on any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary or for celebrating special achievements like after succeeding an examination, making a business deal or any other. has a wide collection of different types of cakes. There are cakes from Five Star Bakery. These are delicious in taste. Some of the cakes found here are Black Forest cakes, Chocolate cakes, Strawberry and Pineapple flavored cakes. Besides you will also find special Kid’s cake that are very cute in shape. These cakes come in wonderful designs, like that of Tweety, Mickey Mouse, Barbie or Harry Potter. Kids will love them. Other types of cakes that one can avail are, Special cakes that come in different innovative shapes like piano or tunnel train etc. Taj cakes and Normal cakes are also available. Your dear one will get lost in the amazing taste of these cakes.

Sweet and Salty : Why send only sweets to your friend ? Add something salty and spicy with it to make a perfect combination. You can avail Sweet and Salty food items like crunchy and sweet kaju that contains masala kaju and sweet kaju barfis. Both these food products are neatly arranged in decorative round tray. Besides this, there are Namkeen and Sweets combo which contains mini samosa and kaju shankh. It will be served in a beautiful leaf shaped tray. You can also select hampers that contain salty food products like Gathia, bhujia, nimki and sweets like Lichu sweets, kaju barfis and anarkali sweets. The recipient will simply be dancing in joy if you send food items to India such as Cakes.

Dry Fruits : For your health conscious friend, you can always select a healthy assortment of Dry Fruits. The different varieties of Dry fruits to be found here are almonds, cashew nuts,raisins and pistachios which are arranged in beautiful decorated trays. Some dry fruits are also teamed with chocolates or toffees like Dairy milk and Eclairs. Some of the dry fruits tray to be found are Trucks loaded with dry fruits, where you will find two trays stuffed with kaju and almond. The Munching treat hamper includes fresh and crunchy pista with 3 packets of Lotte Choco Pie. Select the best one from a wide range of dry fruits to impress your friend.


GiftsChocolates : Chocolates have made a permanent place in everyone’s heart around the world. From time immemorial people love chocolates irrespective of age and gender. There are several types of Chocolates that one can taste. Milk chocolates, Dark chocolate or handmade chocolates are some of the types. Here you will find a vast collection of best Chocolates. A wide range of chocolates offered by noted chocolate brands like Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Valor, Vochelle and more are available. Here you can opt for Chocolate thalis, Chocolate and Cookies, Chocolate Hampers, Handmade Chocolates and Sugar free chocolates. Choose the perfect one and delight your dear friend.

Gifts are always special for the receiver and if those gifts be a collection of food items, then it will be more delightful for your friend. Just know what is the preference of the recipient and likewise send a food product. He can also share it with others if he wants. So this time think about adding food products when you send gifts to India to surprise your dear one.

Priyam Published: Feb 02, 2013 | Last Updated: Feb 08, 2019
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