Send Flowers to India from USA, UK, Australia, etc : Palayamkottai

Send Flowers to India from USA, UK, Australia & around the world. Flowers are the best gift of Almighty for the mankind. The beautiful flowers enhance beauty and  look of the ambiance. We offer you to choose from a variety of flowers in exotic arrangements. Send these gifts to India and let your dear ones in India possess these gifts for a long period of time. Enthrall them with the beauty of Rose baskets, Gerbera collection, Orchids and Lilies. We offer these assortments in baskets, bouquets or vase, which contributes to a scenic abode. Sending these gifts to India will be the means of conveying warm regards and love on a special occasion.

About Palayamkottai


Palayankottai is a prominent neighbourhood in Tirunelveli City, South India. It is part of the Tirunelveli City Municipal Corporation. It is on the eastern bank of the Thamirabarani river, while downtown Tirunelveli is on the western bank.

The archaic word Palayankottai in Tamil means a small administrative region or district. A Kottai is a fort. The portmanteau Tamil word Palayankottai was hence derived historically from an ancient fort that was in the centre of the region. Today, the fort lies in ruins and is almost camouflaged by its surrounding old residential edifices. To anyone who reads about Palayankottai for the first time, it may be surprising to see that atlases and other books refer to the city with both, an M or an N (Palayamkottai or Palayankottai). This uncertainty is because the actual Tamil word for the city uses an alphabet that is phonetically between M and N, and sometimes even completely substituted by G (pronounced Palayangkottai in colloquial Tamil).

Source : Wikipedia