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Sorry Flower & Chocolates | Gifts to convey Sorry

Cadbury Celebrations Chocolate 215g.

33 Yellow Carnation & 7 Red Carnation (Sad Face Decorated).

Gift Hampers are assortment of gifts and will surely make the recipient remember you whenever they look at them.


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Send Sorry Gifts to the one you have hurt in India

Mistakes are committed by everybody, as nobody is perfect. But the act of apologizing is always very difficult. If you are living abroad, and want to convey a sorry message to the person you have hurt in India, you can always send gifts to India to express your apology. Nobody likes to admit their own mistake. Most of the time, it is due to the fear of rejection. We are afraid that our apology would be received with a cold shoulder, and we won’t be forgiven for the mistake that we have committed. Others might feel that saying ‘sorry’ is a sign of weakness. Denial is always easier than accepting one’s own

Best Yet Affordable Sorry Gifts

There are many occasions when unknowingly or sometimes knowingly maybe, we hurt those we love. It might never be our true intention, but in the course of our everyday lives, it is quite a herculean task to always remain righteous. Thus we make mistakes and some dear person gets hurt. Thus the need to apologize arises. But simply saying ‘Sorry’ does not suffice always. To make the person concerned genuinely feel the earnestness of our apology we should send Sorry gifts to India as a mark of how truly sorry we are. It doesn’t need to be something expensive. A small affordable gift with a sorry note would do just

Apologise with Sorry Gifts

It often happens that it becomes really difficult to say ‘sorry’ to the person whom you have hurt whether knowingly or unknowingly. You often fail to decide how to apologise. Our website, is giving you a rewarding opportunity to apologise by sending gifts. is a renowned e-gifting portal, through which you can send gifts to India to say ‘sorry’ to someone you have hurt. You can also send sorry gifts in case you have missed to wish someone on birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other occasion. In our website, there is a different section assigned to Sorry Gifts w

Convey Your Apology by Sending Sorry Gifts

Gifts are a wonderful way to express feelings of love and adoration. They act as messengers when you are unable to convey your inner-most feelings. Moreover, if you are searching ways to apologize to your loved ones, sending them sorry gifts to India is a good idea. But, while choosing a gift, make sure that it will be able to pass your message to the recipient. Since online gifting portals are very popular today, you can use their assistance to send gifts to your loved ones. is one such site that has been helping individuals all over the world to send gifts to India. Apart from birthday, wedding and anniv

Express your apology with Sorry gifts

Many a times when we inadvertently hurt our dear ones and the word “Sorry” does not solve the problem. In this case you can express your apology with special gifts., brings wide plethora of sorry gifts in “Sorry gift” category. If you want to apologise to your girlfriend, friend, mom or dad, flowers will be perfect.  Flowers represent a wide range of feelings from thankfulness, friendliness to apology. The beauty and aroma of the blooming flowers will definitely leave a positive effect on your dear ones. So, you can select flowers as sorry gifts. You can also opt for adorable s