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Awesome Electronic Keyboard With Mike |

An awesome gifting item for loving kids in India. It features 37 key electronic organ, 8 kinds of tamber, 8 kinds of rhythm, 4 kinds of rocks/ 4 kinds of sound effects to choose, 22 grades time and 4 grades volume to control record. It comes with a mic. Make this Kids Electronic Keyboard your conveyor of love.Send this keyboard along with your Gifts to India and let them explore their interest for music from such an earlier age.

Key features :

37 key electronic organ

8 kinds of tamber

8 kinds of rhythm

4 kinds of rock

4 kinds of sound effects to choose

22 grades time

4 grades volume to control record

Size : 41 X 15 Cm


Product Reviews

I really appreciate for your amazing service. Parcel delivered on perfect time.