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Omron HEM 6161 Pressure Monitor | Electronic Health Care as Gifts to India

The Omron HEM-6161 blood pressure monitor is an essential gift. Send it to your loved ones in India and let them know that despite the geographical distance, you care for them.  The compact design makes the product user-friendly. This device makes it easier for your family and friends to monitor blood pressure while on-the-go. 

Brand: Omron

Model No: HEM 6161
These simple wrist-monitoring devices have a compact, portable design that offers extra convenience for those who want to measure blood pressure while travelling or at work.
The cuff wrap guide function tells you via illuminated indicators whether the cuff is too loose or wrapped correctly, Personalized inflation for maximum comfort.
Irregular heartbeat symbol will appear on the display with the measurement values if machine detects any irregular rhythm.
It has body movement indicator feature and the movement error symbol is displayed if you move your body during the measurement, IntelliSense Technology.
Please remove the arm cuff, and wait 2-3 minutes and take another measurement, remain still during inflation.
Correct measurement can also be confirmed via text message or symbols on the display.
An irregular heartbeat rhythm is defined as a rhythm that is 25 percent fast or slow from the avg rhythm detected while bp monitoring.


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