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Ferrero Rocher & Durga Puja Card | Send Durga Puja Hampers to India

Ferrero Rocher - 24 Pcs.

Durga Puja Greeting Card.

Gift Hampers are assortment of gifts and will surely make the recipient remember you whenever they look at them.

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India and its culture - Choose the way of living

India has been one of the most ancient and greatest civilizations in the world history; bearing thousands of years old historical image. Its geography and ecology has been a decisive factor in shaping its culture and history. You can experience the diversification from food, language, religion, architect, dance and music. There is so much of variety, so much of difference yet so much of similarity amongst people. With every second place you’ll feel the difference but you know that you still are in Incredible India.  The country is a dwelling place of various religious practices; the majority being the Hindus. The col

Durga Puja - Send Gifts to India

India is the ancient worship land from centuries and it is the place of rituals, culture, traditions and festivities where people take leave from busy schedules and try to celebrate popular occasions that mark the milestone in the history of country. Celebrating Durga Puja is one of the most popular and remarkable rejoicing festival in which people worship the Mother Goddess who is supposed to be most powerful God according to Hinduism. This occasion is always referred to the emphatic win of Mother Goddess over the evil powered buffalo demon Mahishasur. Celebrating patterns and methods of Durga Puja may change across the length

Send Durga Puja Gifts to India from USA

Well, wherever in this world Hindus exist there will be celebrations on Diwali, Dussehra and Holi. It is a bare fact that people always love to rejoice the festivities on this earth, it matters here the least where you are and what you are doing there! USA has been the most favorite spot for Indians and that is the sole reason why Dussehra is celebrated there with the same fervor and enthusiasm. Moreover there is no denying the fact that people celebrate Dusshera through organizations and associations that have been established and formed keeping in mind the fervor and celebration that makes common people happy and energized fo

2012 Indians Occasions & Festivals

You will be frankly amazed to know that every day is an occasion or festival in India. Yes, if not pertaining with the other religions, Hinduism cast a different impression when it comes to celebrations, occasions and festivities. Sharing feelings, ideas, joy and happiness with the friends, relatives and family members is the topmost aim of these festivities and occasions. Although there is no dearth of festivals in India yet we will enlist here some of the most enjoyed, famous and awesome occasions or festivals of 2012 here – Holi (March 8) – The late February or early March will show you a different occasion which

Beautiful collection of Durga Puja gifts

For the upcoming occasion of Durga Puja, the online gift portal unveils an alluring collection of gifts. Durga Puja is the most awaited festival that is celebrated in western part of India, especially Bengal, Tripura and Assam, with great pomp and show. Durga Puja is a five day long event. An unimaginable surge of enjoyment reigns every streets of Bengal. People drape themselves in new attires and strolls through the streets all night, visiting Puja pandals and Maa Durga idols. The unending zeal of the people during the festival is the core essence of this grand festival. Gifting of new apparels, exchanging