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Puja Items | Send Gifts to India on Dhanteras

Product Specification:-

Haldi (50g)

Moli Roll

Elaichi (50g)

Cotton Wicks

7 pcs Supari


Michri (100g)

3 pcs German Silver Coin

Mangaldeep Agarbatti

Agarbatti Stand

Gungroo Mat

7 pcs Small Plastic Box

6 pcs German Silver Bati

2 pcs German Silver Kalash With Roli Chawal

Articles On Dhanteras

What Presents can be Gifted on Pongal?

Pongal is an auspicious time of the year. These 4 days of celebrations bring family and friends from all over the country together. The traditions of Pongal glorifies and draws attention to every step of harvesting creating awareness in a way about one of nature’s biggest gifts to mankind - food. A gift is something extremely personal and wrapped in layers of emotions and thoughts. It is what you express your emotions with often even without words. So to spread the joy of this festival around, here is a list of 8 gifts that you can send to your near and dear ones. Saplings and plants Being a harvest festival, plants and

When Was Mother's Day in 2018?

It is said, “God could not be everywhere at the same time. So He made mothers who could fill His absence.” The loving and doting mothers are strong proof of this popular saying as they are as powerful as Him. They care for us, they look after us till we are ready to spread our wings and go out in the world. For a child, it is impossible to express in words how much his or her mother means to them. When words fail, actions speak louder. This is why Mother’s Day has become one of the most revered celebrations around the world. In 2018 India, the US and Australia celebrated Mother’s Day on the 13th of May.

When Is Mother's Day in 2020?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on an international scale to honour mothers and everything that they represent. The origin of this day traces back to the 1900s. An American woman named Anna Jarvis started a campaign for an official holiday to honour mothers in 1905. In 1914, this was finally recognised as an official holiday. President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation that stated the second Sunday of May to be celebrated as Mother’s Day. Various cultures around the world have different days on which they observe Mother’s Day. In the UK, people observe Mother’s Day on the 4th Sunday of March. It is also k

Go extra miles on Mother's Day with

Mothers are the most important person in anyone’s life. They play a crucial role in building, shaping and nurturing our life. International Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the spirit of a Mother when we should make an effort to make her day special. Everyone must be thinking about different Mother’s day gifts to India. So here’re some ideas to go that extra mile and make your mother feel super special. Serenades What if you could send gifts to your mother on consecutive two or three days! That would surely come as a pleasant surprise for her. And with same day delivery of mothers day gifts to India&n

Great Mother’s Day Gift within Rs 995

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that celebrates the joy of being a mother. Its an occasion to shower gifts on that special lady who has sacrificed a lot of our well being and comfort. Mothers are next to God. When the world seems to get tough on us, its our mother who pampers us and shows us the right path. On Mother’s Day it is our turn to repay her for all the pain that she has borne. When choosing a perfect Mothers Day gift for your beloved Mom, there are several things that has to be kept in mind- her likes and dislikes, the message that you want to convey to your mom etc. We have created one such platform where you can