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Floral Artistic Diya Set | Diya as Diwali Gifts to India

Isn't it lovely how small diyas make any festive occasion, extraordinary? It is not possible to imagine the traditional Indian celebrations without these little pieces of shining light! Send this light on the way of your near and dear ones in India and shine the pious light on the auspicious day!The four artistic diyas are tinted in a gradient shade. This lends a touch of class, and also helps to fit in any setting. The cuts and lines are handmade and shaped to perfection. The colours too are painted by hand which brings the authenticity and the personal touch into the mix. Sending this set of diyas would make your presence resound in every direction!

Please Note - Wax is not included with diya.


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Everything in the Indian culture that are celebrated as festivals and occasions may be easily related to the deeds and ruling of Lord Ram. He lived his life with the top morals and he also taught his companions and common people as the Lord of Ayodhya to be simple and moral in their deeds. That is why he has been bestowed with such prestige and huge honor by the Hindu society. You might know the fact that Diwali comes just 20 after the Dusshera is celebrated all over the country. There is proper linkage between these two festivals. In fact, there is a supporting yet considered true story according to the Hindu society that will

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Diwali is a festival which is celebrated by the Indians with great zeal and enthusiasm. Since this festival is celebrated to welcome the return of Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman after 14 years of exile, people light their homes with earthen diyas and decorate their whole house with flowers and decorations. Thus, if you are searching a gift for your loved ones for this occasion then decorative items will be a good choice to opt for. is a e-gifting portal through which you can send gifts to India even if you are miles away from your family and loved ones. If you browse through the &lsqu

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Diwali, also referred to as the ‘festival of Light’ is one of the popular festivals celebrated by the people of India with great pomp and show. It is believed that on this day Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. Hence, on this day, people light their homes with diyas and decorate their homes with flowers and colorful twinky-lights to welcome them. Besides these, bursting crackers is also a significant part of this joyous festival. With Diwali only a few days away, brings you a wide variety of diyas and crackers which you can send as

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 Diwali or Deepavali means ‘a row of light’. It is the festival of worshiping the victory of good over the evil or darkness prevailing within oneself. It is the celebration of illuminating one’s own soul with the light of hope and positive energy. Diwali marks the  empowerment of your heart to connect to the divine world. In ancient India, Diwali was supposed to be an important harvesting festival. Diwali has a historical significance also as it marks the end of Lord Rama's exile and his return to his homeland. Diwali unites everyone near and far and instills feeling of zest, hope, and the spirit of

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Gifts are always the best way to say "you care." Probably, gifts have the magical power to bridge the gulf of barriers and conveying heart warming messages to native fellowmen, the loved and dear ones, who are separated by time and space. Especially during any occasions or any particular festival, gifts become the most reliable mode of conveying regards, wishes, love and blessings. The gesture of sending gifts have become synonymous to almost each and every occasion. Gifts can sooth the hearts of both the sender and the recipient. is an online gifting site offering plethora of gifts to choose from. The site