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Blue Magic Personalized Mug | Send Personalized Gifts to Ahmedabad

Send a personalized magic mug to your beloved who lives in India. Surprise your better half with a mug that has your photo along with a special message. Whenever the recipient will pour a hot beverage into this mug, both the photo and the text will be revealed!! This will indeed surprise and amaze your special person, every time he or she sips on his favorite beverage from this mug. Another special feature of this mug is that the handle is shaped in the form of a heart. Unique, ain't it? This is one special gift that can be given on any day, birthday, anniversary. Personalized gifts are always preferred as a gift option because these are one of those gifts that actually require no particular occasion!!!!


1 Blue Personalized Magic Mug

Blue Magic Personalized Mug

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