Convey Lohri wishes to your family and friends in India with our range of Lohri Gifts. In this section,  you can browse through the collection of Lohri Gifts and send it to India for your dear ones. There are plethora of gifts to choose from. We offer gift hampers, sweets, chocolates, flowers and many more gifts. Send these gifts to India and let these gifts add to the festive spirit.

Lohri Gifts

Articles on lohri

  • lohri18

    Top 5 Lohri Presents which can be sent Online to India

    Lohri is the most important festival for the Punjabis . It is celebrated on January 13th every year, to commemorate the passing of winter solstice and welcoming the longer days. Lohri is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, bonfire, song and dance. On this occasion if you are not in India and are unable to spend time with your family and friends, sending them gifts along with good wishes is the perfect way to celebrate Lohri even being far in abroad.

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  • gblohri

    Top 5 Gift Baskets for Lohri

    The festival of Lohri marks the end of the month of Paush and beginning of the month of Magha, generally falling on 13th January every year. This festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, dancing around the bonfire, savouring great delicacies and having a great time with family and friends. If you are not in India to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones, you can send Gift Baskets to them along with your good wishes. Gift Basket is a perfect gift for Lohri as you can send a lot of dry fruits, sweets, chocolates and many other combination of gifts. We want you to have a great Lohri celebration with dear ones even being far and we present to you a suggestion on creating the best Gift Basket.

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  • First Lohri

    Lohri Celebrations for New Born Baby

    It is an amazing feeling when you have a new tiny member in your family. Why wait to share your blessings with the tiny tot? Why not say welcome and show your affection with a thoughtful gift to India. The birth of a child is a massive reason for celebration, even more so when you’re coming close to a festival like Lohri. Each Lohri is special, especially the first one of a newborn. All the family members join in the celebration and shower the baby with lots of gifts and a lot of love. The family, the guest, the friends, and the relatives all bring gifts for the baby and, often, also for the new mother.

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  • Lohri of New Bride

    First Lohri Gifts for the new bride

    Being an Indian or may be just known to Indian culture, you know the fun and frolic surrounding Lohri. Like most Punjabi festivals, this one is full of colors, warmth, and sweets. This festival becomes increasingly festive when there is a new member in the family a lovely girl who joins your family through the promises and rituals of marriage.

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  • happylohri18

    Top 10 Lohri Return Gifts

    On 13th January every year, the festival of Lohri is celebrated with a lot of pomp by the Punjabi community. It is an auspicious day when every person looks forward to the new season and good harvest. Bonfire is lit in the evening to seek happiness and prosperity for all. People gather around the bonfire and throw popcorn, jaggery, sesame seeds in it as a mark of auspiciousness. They sing and dance around the bonfire and enjoy the occasion with family and friends.

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  • couplelohri18

    Top 5 Lohri Gift Ideas for the Newly Weds

    According to Punjabi traditions, the first Lohri of Newly Weds is a very important function and calls for a big celebration. The Newly wedded couple receive a lot of love and good wishes from their near and dear ones for a blessed married life. On this occasion of Lohri, the newly weds are also showered with amazing gifts. If you are also planning to send Lohri gifts for someone newly wed, we present to you gift ideas that would truly make their Lohri special.

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  • lohriwife

    Top 10 Lohri Gifts for Wife

    On 13th January Punjabi community celebrates the festival of Lohri, which marks the end of Winter solstice and beginning of a new season and longer days. Though the ceremonies of Lohri is kept traditional but the gift giving is getting modernized now, as giving only cash to loved ones is cliched. Specially when you are giving gift to your loving wife on Lohri, you would want to give her the best gift. If you are getting stuck in selecting the perfect gifts for your wife we are here to help you sort out the best for her with our gifts idea.

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Customer Testimonials

When is Lohri celebrated in 2021?

According to the Gregorian Calendar Lohri falls on 13 January every year generally. This festival falls on the month of Paush of the lunisolar Punjabi Calendar.

Why and How is Lohri Celebrated?

Lohri the folk festival of Punjab is celebrated to welcome the longer days after winter solstice.

They celebrate the end of winter season and the journey of the sun to the northern hemisphere which make the days longer. On this day people lit bonfire and pray around the fire to pay respect to it, they eat, sing and dance around the bonfire till the fire dies out.

Popular Gifts on The Occasion of Lohri brings to you varied collection of Gifts for your dear ones on the occasion of Lohri. These gifts will be perfect to send to your loved ones in India

Send Gift Vouchers on Lohri

Lohri is a occasion when every person has a lot of fun and to continue the spirit of the festival send Gift Vouchers to your loved ones in India from On the occasion let your family or friend shop and eat out with your Gift Vouchers. They can buy for themselves or eat anything they want, with the gift vouchers. This will truly make them happy and excited and your reason to send them gifts will be fulfilled.

Send lohri gifts to India online

Lohri is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm among the Punjabi people, on 13th January every year. It is a time when people sing and dance, feast together and exchange gifts, but since you are not able to spend the day with your loved ones in India, you can send Lohri Gifts to them from our online gifting portal and celebrate the occasion. Our team will deliver your order right on time to your loved ones living in India, with a delivery network that covers 1200 cities we deliver everywhere. To send Lohri gifts online, visit our website and select from the following gifts and place your order

The best New Year gifts we are offering you are : -

What can be given as lohri presents

Lohri is a fun festival celebrated with high spirit, dancing and singing around bonfire, having dry fruits and a gala time along with friends and family. Since you are in abroad and are not able to celebrate this occasion with your loved ones in India, sending them amazing Lohri presents is the best possible way to observe the occasion. There are many gifts which can be delivered to India but the ideal lohri presents are Dry fruits, Sweets, Home Decor, Flowers and Fruits. These gifts can be given to every age people and surprise them. We have been delivering Lohri gifts for global Indians since 1999 and our motto for all this years has been to deliver your gifts and make you feel closer to your family and friends.

Send Lohri gifts to Punjab

As we all know Lohri is a grand festival in Punjab and it is celebrated to solstice the winter season and welcome the new season. The people of punjab celebrate it with a lot of high energy and spirit and is an important festival when they sing and dance along with their family and friends. On such occasion when you are away from them in abroad sending Lohri gifts will make your presence felt.

With our online gifting portal you can now send Lohri gifts to your near and dear ones in Punjab. We bring to you exclusive lohri presents that will win over your loved ones heart and also convey your good wishes on the occasion of Lohri. Let your loved ones know how much you love them through this gifts and celebrate Lohri no matter how far you are from them.

Is it easy to buy Lohri gifts online ?

Lohri is a occasion which is celebrated on 13th January every year to solstice winter with lots of fun activities. On such occasion when you are far from family and friends in India you can always send them gifts to make the occasion memorable and enjoy it. To send lohri gifts to India online is a very easy task as sitting in your home comfort you can surprise your loved ones. All you have to do is log on to our website and go through our wide range of Lohri gifts, select the one which will be perfect for your dear ones and place your order. It is very easy to place an order on our website. And from our end we will deliver the gifts right on time and put a smile on your dear ones face.

Online Gift Shopping for Lohri

Planning to send gifts on the occasion of Lohri to India? The easiest way to do it is to online shop for Lohri gifts. Since you are already in abroad going lohri shopping and sending it can be a tough job so here we are to make your online gifting and delivering the gifts to your loved ones in India an easy job. With our wide range of Lohri gifts you can choose the best and place your order, rest you be assured as we will take utmost care to deliver the gifts on time.

How to send Lohri Gifts to Punjab

Lohri is a festival when we want to spend all our time with our friends and family feasting, singing and dancing and having a gala time together. But being away from them in abroad can make you miss all the fun but do not worry as sending them gifts to Punjab is possible and make the occasion a grand celebration. To send Lohri gifts to Punjab you have to follow as 3 easy steps :

  1. Log on to our online gifting website and go to Lohri page.
  2. Select the gifts you want to send to your family and friends.
  3. Complete your payment and place your order.

From here we will take care of the gifts and deliver it to Punjab right on time with the best quality product.

How to create gift boxes for Lohri

The occasion of Lohri is a punjabi folk festival which is a celebration of winter solstice. On this occasion people exchange gifts among each other to convey good wishes and prosperity. But sending your gifts in different and creative gifts boxes will make the gift more special for your loved ones. We have in store different kinds of gift boxes available on our website like Wooden, Paperboard, Cane and Pinewood.

In this different boxes and baskets you can send different types of gourmet for your dear ones like

  • Dry fruits boxes
  • Chocolates boxes
  • Sweets boxes
  • Combination of gourmet boxes

How to order sweets for Lohri in India online

Indian festivals like Lohri are incomplete without inclusion of Sweets and so brings to you a collection of delicious sweets to send to your loved ones in India. But if your thinking how to place an order let us help you with it

  • Firstly, log on to online gifting portal and visit our Lohri gifts page.
  • Secondly, click on our Sweets category option adn go through all the collection of sweets available on our website.
  • Thirdly select the one which will be loved by your dear ones and click on Gift now
  • Lastly, complete your payment and voila your order for sweets is placed with us.

Send Lohri sweets to Punjab

Sweets are the favourite thing in every India festival, just like Lohri where everyone get together, lit a bonfire, pray to Almighty, eat dry fruits and sweets. Specially in Punjab Lohri is a folk festival hence celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and love, on such occasion when you are far from your loved ones in India you can send them mouth watering Sweets from our online gifting portal to Punjab. There is a wide variety of Sweets available on our website from which you can choose the favourite sweets of your loved ones and deliver it to them with all your love and regards. Our gifting portal delivers only fresh sweets to your dear ones.

What are the best Lohri gifts which you can give

Lohri is a festival when friends and family come together and spend a enjoyable time with each other. There is a lot of rituals, sing and dance, feast and exchanging of gifts are involved. Being away from your dear ones in India on Lohri can never come in between the celebrations as our online gifting portal will deliver best Lohri gifts to your loved ones and convey your loved for them. If you are confused as what gifts you can give to your loved ones we have some suggestions for it

  • Dry fruits - As its is an important part of the Lohri celebration, dry fruits are tossed in the bonfire and savoured by people, it is the best gift on Lohri.
  • Sweets - Sweets are the favourite part of every Indian festival like Lohri, without which the celebrations won’t be complete.
  • Fruits - Fruits are not only a great gift but also good for health and on occasions like Lohri it is a great idea.
  • Gift Vouchers - If you are confused as what to gift your dear ones on Lohri you have the best and safest option of Gift Voucher, as they can get their favourite gift.
  • Flowers - Flowers are the best way to convey your emotions and good wishes on special occasions like Lohri.
  • Cakes - Deliver fresh and eggless cake to your loved ones on Lohri and celebrate the occasion in a different way.

Lohri Gift Ideas for Babies

The 1st lohri festival for a new born baby is an important occasion and calls for a great celebration. On this day babies are showered with a lot of blessings and gifts from the elders in the family. If you are far from a little munchkin on their first lohri you can still make it worth for them by sending some cute and adorable gifts for them. The best lohri gifts for a baby can be : -

  • Soft Toys
  • Baby Clothes Set
  • Baby Stroller
  • Baby Care Kit

Send online gifts to India for your family and friends on Lohri. A great collection of gifts ranging from flowers to cakes to dry fruits and sweets are available in this section. Celebrate Lohri with Stunning gifts from and make your presence felt from miles away.

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