Fruits17 Flowers & Fruits11
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Price Range ₹799 - ₹4439
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Basket5 Bouquet3 Vase3
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1 Kg4 2 Kg7 2.5 kg4 3 Kg4 3.5 Kg1 4 Kg4 4.5 Kg2 6 Kg2
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Have been using this service for years to send gifts to friends and family in India. Amazing service, good prices and options. I recently started getting reminder calls which is very handy in todays fast paced work life where you may miss out reminder emails. Saved addresses make it a breeze to select a previous recipient quickly. I just ordered a birthday gift (including payments) for my mom just using my mobile phone.

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Send online Fruit Baskets to India this summer

Sending fruits can be a healthy habit that you can bring back to practice. Besides sending them fruits, it also reminds your loved ones how much you care for them. It is all about showing the care nad concern you have for them. Read this article to know how you can send fruits to India online.

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