Roses56 Exotic Flowers33 Flowers & Cakes30 Mother's Day Flowers & Cakes27 Assorted Flowers21 Flowers & Fruits11
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Price Range ₹519 - ₹5779
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Basket56 Bouquet85 Vase36
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No. of Flowers
Black Forest10 Chocolate12 Chocolate Truffle5 White Forest1 Mango1 Mixed Fruit1 Red Velvet2 Butter Scotch3 Pineapple7 Strawberry4 Vanilla11
Bakery Type
1 Kg2 2 Kg2 2.5 kg1 3 Kg2 4 Kg2 4.5 Kg1 6 Kg1
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My parents are lonely and this service has been a god sent to stay with them in thought during festivals and birthdays. Thanks.

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Gifts for your Mom on Mother's Day

Mother is the most beautiful and special person in every person’s  life. When a child begins to speak, the first world that he utters is “Ma”. For a child, his mother is his whole world. With her, he shares all his joys and sufferings. Thus to pay tribute to her patience, love, care and dedication, people all over the world celebrates Mother’s day. It is mostly celebrated on May, April or March. Mother’s day celebration includes a lot of activities. It is the right way, by which you can convey your deepest thoughts and love to your mother. Gifts are the special way by which you can make your m

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