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It often happens that words do not make up for something wrong done to someone. In that case, gifts speak volumes. No matter who is hurt and how is hurt, gifts can always help in easing the tension and even help in making everything same again. Flowers can be considered the best gift for apologising, the other ‘Sorry’ gifts can include chocolates, cakes, and more. The articles assigned in this chapter will detail about the gifts that can be sent as ‘Sorry Gifts’.


I am Sorry Kitty Card

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There are many occasions when unknowingly or sometimes knowingly maybe, we hurt those we love. It might never be our true intention, but in the course of our everyday lives, it is quite a herculean task to always remain righteous. Thus we make mistakes and some dear person gets hurt. Thus the need to apologize arises. But simply saying ‘Sorry’ does not suffice always. To make the person concerned genuinely feel the earnestness of our apology we should send Sorry gifts as a mark of how truly sorry we are. It doesn’t need to be something expensive. A small affordable gift with a sorry note would do just fine whe

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Red Heart Cushion Hug Kitty

Feeling Sorry - Lift up the mood with Cute Soft Toys

Apologizing is an art and if you cannot perform or convey it properly then you are in for a big trouble. A face to face apology is the best way of saying sorry but you may not always have that luxury. But establishing the former good relation is also very important and hence you may need to look for other means to express that you are feeling sorry. If you are living really far away in another country then you can send many gifts for this occasion online. Online gifts are a better option because in this case you need not worry about your gift being delayed in any way. You can find numerous sorry gift ideas on this reliable onli

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Dainty Sorry Flower Print

The feeling of Sorry - Best expressed with Greeting Cards

Oftentimes it is the case that we commit a mistake or an error in judgement due to which our loved ones are hurt. Though sorry is one small and simple word, it is quite expressive when it comes to asking for someone’s forgiveness. However, it might be the case that the person is so hurt that they are not even talking to you or receiving your calls. This becomes an even bigger issue when you are very far from that person and staying in another country. In such an event, you have to think about various sorry gift ideas that can be sent to India for them. As this is a very urgent situation, you need to rectify it as soon as

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Bow On Silk Sorry Card

Send Sorry Gifts to the one you have hurt in India

Mistakes are committed by everybody, as nobody is perfect. But the act of apologizing is always very difficult. If you are living abroad, and want to convey a sorry message to the person you have hurt in India, you can always send gifts to India to express your apology. Nobody likes to admit their own mistake. Most of the time, it is due to the fear of rejection. We are afraid that our apology would be received with a cold shoulder, and we won’t be forgiven for the mistake that we have committed. Others might feel that saying ‘sorry’ is a sign of weakness. Denial is always easier than accepting one’s ow

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