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This chpater informs the readers about the most amazing wasy to celebration Valentine's day.

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  • FB Gifts

    Facebook added a New Feature to add Glory to Valentine's Day Celebration

    Valentine’s Day is a very important day for all lovers and hence preparations have already started for this day. Gifts to India are sent on this occasion by those who are not being able to spend the event with their beloved. There are also various other ways in which this day is made an even more special one by everyone. Restaurants offer special meals on this day and retail as well as online stores give unique deals. There are various ways of delivering gifts to India online on the occasion of Valentine’s Day in India. Social media sites also play a huge role in this process of delivering a message of love for the loved one. Valentine’s Day Feature of Facebook Facebook is the creation of Mark Zuckerberg and it is used by millions of people all over the globe. Thus, it is quite easy to send messages of love for that special someone even if you are away miles apart. To make this process of exchanging love greetings even more easier, Facebook has introduced a new feature. You can now send a special romantic message for your beloved using the Facebook Messenger. Facebook has a special Valentine icon for this purpose, using which you can make the day memorable. Your message will be gift wrapped by Facebook and delivered quite secretly for the love of your life.   Apart from these messages of love, you can also opt to send various gift ideas for your loved one. You can use this exclusive online gift store where you can get a large variety of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. These fantastic gifting options are sure to make this coming Valentine’s Day a very unique one. Valentine’s Day Gifts A bunch of fresh Valentine flowers can make this occasion an even more auspicious occasion. The wonderful flowers on this online gifting portal have been categorised into four different sections. The Red Sensation is a basket of Valentine’s Day roses that is made up of two dozens of red roses. Sending Valentine hampers is also a good idea as they contain many different awesome gift items. Five different types of fantastic Valentine gift hampers have been showcased on this gifting site. The Cute My Love Hamper is a gift hamper that has a soft toy, a set of mugs, a greeting card and chocolates.   Make this coming Valentine’s Day an auspicious occasion with Facebook and also these gifting options. Sending gifts to India from US has become quite easy from here where there are many gift ideas. There are gift items on this online gift store for many occasions and festivals, other than Valentine’s Day.  

  • Bolly Valentine

    Valentine's Day Celebration by Bollywood Celebrities

    Valentine’s Day is an occasion that is celebrated all over the world by everyone, be the person famous or not. It is also customary to exchange wonderful gifts on this occasion and various India gifts come to the forefront. What interests people very much is the lives of the celebrities whom they see everyday on small screen and big screen. They see these people so minutely in their reel life that they develop a lot of interest in the real life of such celebrities as well. They even like to send online gifts to India based on the gifts that are exchanged among such celebrity couples. Bollywood couples are hence an inspiration for a lot of the celebrations that take place on Valentine’s Day. Bollywood Celebrities Celebrate Valentine’s Day Bollywood is well known for its extravagant display of love onscreen and thus this is what is also expected offscreen. The stars who belong to this industry are always expected to have an idealistic romantic life with their partners. Thus, the way in which they celebrate Valentine’s Day is important for all their fans and followers. In this regard, it is important to state that most celebrities like to spend Valentine’s Day alone with their partner. They enjoy the day together in each other’s company or have a lovely meal, especially dinner, together. However, others are more extravagant in their show of love and they like to visit their better halves, who are perhaps busy shooting at an outdoor location, with extravagant gifts.   Spending Valentine’s Day like Bollywood celebrities can be tough if you are staying in another country. You can still make this occasion a special one for your beloved in India with Valentine’s Day gift ideas. There are a variety of exquisite gift items on this online gift store that can be sent to India on this occasion. Valentine’s Day Gifts Sending Valentine soft toys on this day is a good idea as these cuddly and cute gifts are loved by all. There are exclusive teddies, heart shaped cushions along with love soft toys on this online gifting portal. The Beautiful Love You Pillow is a love soft toy that is in the shape of a heart with two small teddies. You can even opt for Valentine personalised gifts that can make this Valentine’s Day memorable. This gifting site holds love books, love calendars, photo gifts and personalised love mugs among other personalised gifts. The Amazing My Sweetheart Book is a love book that contains twenty one pages which can be filled with messages from you for your special someone.   Celebrate Valentine’s Day like Bollywood celebrities with these and many other exciting gifting options. Gifts to India from US and also other countries can be sent from here to make this a cherished day. You can also get gifts for other events on this online gift store, like Mother’s Day and Diwali.  

  • V-Day Gifts

    How British Airways offers Amazing Discounts on Couple Tickets on V-Day

    V-Day or Valentine’s Day is a very popular occasion that is celebrated in many ways everywhere. Sending a gift to India on this occasion for the beloved is one of the many methods of celebrating this day. Though sending gifts is the most accepted process, there are other ways of making this day memorable. Various deals and offers come into the market during this time which can make the lovely couple feel special. One of these fantastic India gifts has been introduced by the British Airways on Valentine’s Day. Though this is a promotional offer, it will surely help to let the lovebirds know each other in a better manner. Valentine Couple Tickets from British Airways British Airways is the premium mode of air travel between Great Britain and various other parts of the world. Their services are also available in various metropolitan and other popular cities of India, like New Delhi. The offer provided by British Airways is for travelling from such cities in India to different parts of the United Kingdom. This deal is for couples in love who can travel to Great Britain at largely discounted flight tickets. In this way, they can come closer to each other at an affordable rate and also visit a foreign destination. This innovative discount is available for quite a few months, with the only condition being that the tickets are to be bought within February.   Use this wonderful offer to visit the United Kingdom with your beloved on this coming Valentine’s Day. However if you are unable to do this, you can still send attractive Valentine’s Day gift ideas for them. You can use this reliable online gift store for this process to avail a very prompt and convenient gift delivery. Valentine’s Day Gifts Sending love mugs is also a good idea as these mugs have several unique and interesting designs. Such mugs that are available on this fantastic online gifting portal will be loved by your beloved in India. The Cute White Mug features a very cute cartoon image of a couple in love as well as a message. There are exclusive gifts for this occasion that can surely make your someone special happy. Gifts like show pieces, love cushions, love greeting cards, chocolates and others can be found on this gifting site. The With You My Love Hamper consists of five wonderful gifts for the occasion of Valentine’s Day.   Make this Valentine’s Day an awesome one for your beloved with these amazing and wonderful gifts. You can also opt for sending gifts to India for the whole week leading up to Valentine’s Day from here. Other occasions and festivals can also be made grand with the gifting options available on this online gift store.