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Independence Day

Independence Day

15th August is celebrated as the Independence day of India. After struggling for 100 years, India attained her freedom on 15th August, 1947. The great historical event of Partition of India - Pakistan and India, took place on this great day. In various places of India, flag hoisting ceremony takes place. In Delhi, special Flag hoisting ceremony is done by the Prime Minister and the President. This event is followed by various cultural programs. The articles in this chapter provide information on India’s Independence.

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  • When is Independence Day?

    When is Independence Day?

    India celebrates her Independence on 15th August. It is a national holiday. The whole nation commemorates the occasion with great interest and enthusiasm. Parades are organized in each state of India. Various cultural programs are held on this historic day. The articles in this chapter provide information on when is Independence Day.

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  • Independence Day Gift Ideas

    Independence Day Gift Ideas

    Indians celebrate their Independence day on 15th August with great verve. Since, it is a national holiday, people celebrate the occasion in their own manner. Some watch patriotic movies at home, and some enjoy the day by attending parades & cultural programs. Often people share patriotic gifts with their dear ones to spread the feeling of unity and brotherhood. Read the articles in this chapter to get an idea about Independence day gifts.

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