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Housewarming occasion is an occasion in which the hosts presents their new home to their relatives. So, amaze your host in this special day with a variety of gifts. A wide profusion of gifts are displayed in the ‘House-warming’ category of the site. You can gift aromatic flowers, sumptuous cakes, spiritual gifts, extra-oridinary home decor items, mouth-watering sweets besides gift hampers and vouchers. The articles in this chapter discuss about the various types of allusive gifts that you can present to your hosts to make their day special.

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    7 Unique Gift Ideas for housewarming

    For your loved one who is moving to a new house and since being in abroad you are unable to be a part of their happiness in India, you can send them amazing and unique housewarming gifts which will truly surprise them and your good wishes will reach them. If you are confused as what gifts you can send to your loved one in India then this article will help you in deciding the best gift for them. Brass Door Knocker - A unique housewarming gift for your loved one will be a brass door knocker which they can put up in their front door and make their look front door look more regal. Though everyone has the calling bell system in their house this addition of a door knocker will definitely make a style statement. Hello DoorMat - If you are thinking of sending a unique housewarming gift to India to your loved one you can send a doormat that says Hello. It will be a great fun gift and a great sign outside their house, a useful gift and practical gift for your dear ones this doormat will surely be liked by them. Designer Candle Stand - As a housewarming gift you can also send Candle Stand as a gift to your friend or family member and wish them good luck in moving their new house. Candle stand can be a great home decor gift and can also be used in occasions which will make the interiors look more elegant. Hanging Lamp - A decorative hanging lamp can also be a unique housewarming gift for your loved one in India as they can decorate a space of their house with your given hanging lamp and make it look authentic and glamours. There are many different patterns of hanging lamp available so choose the one which will be match their taste. Small Plants - For your loved ones in India as a housewarming gift you can also send them small plant tops which they can put anywhere in the house be it their garden or anywhere in the living room. The house will have greenery and also make it look beautiful. Feng Shui - Many people around the world keep feng shui products in their house as to bring positivity in their house and also in their minds, so for your dear ones in India as housewarming gifts you can also send feng shui products which you think will be perfect for their home. Family Photo Tree - A little different and unique housewarming gift which you can send to India will be a family photo tree. This is only possible if you have all the family members pictures with you to make a photo tree. This will be surely a very thoughtful and creative housewarming gift. If hope with our given suggestions you will be able to select the best housewarming gift for your loved one in India and surprise them.

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    Top 10 gifts for housewarming in India

    When people move in to a new house or apartment, they have a lot of hope, aspirations and positive energy and to continue that spirit you can send amazing and creative housewarming gifts and congratulate the person or couple on their new abode. And if you are not in India to wish them personally on the occasion you can send housewarming gifts and convey your good wishes. To help on selecting the 10 best housewarming gifts, which you can select from online gifting website is what this article is all about. Spiritual Idols - It is the most perfect housewarming gift to start a new journey in your loved ones new home. As Indians are religious and we strongly believe in thanking the Lord first, the idol of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi will be a perfect addition to the the new house. Your loved ones will be truly happy to receive this spiritual gifts from you. Click here to see Spiritual Idols Bean Bag - If your loved ones are a couple or a single man/woman for whose housewarming gift you are looking for, you can send them a comfortable bean bag to put up in their living room or balcony. They can use the bean bag to sit and have a nice time reading a book, watch a movie on laptop, or an extra seat when people come to their house. Paintings - Another great gifting idea for a housewarming gift will be Paintings which your dear ones can put up in their home and decorate the space beautifully and give the house a new dimension. Though pick the painting carefully according to the age of the person what they would like or not, and paintings can be of nature, portrait, or modern art or a soothing paint. Dinner Set - For your loved one in India as their housewarming gift you can send dinner set to them so they can enjoy a great meal on their new dinner set in their new home. The dinner set will add more volume to the dining area and they will always remember you when having a meal using the dinner set. Click here to see complete Dinner Set Cutlery Set - When you are planning to send a dinner set along with it send a cutlery set as well to your dear ones in India as they will compliment each other. A nice set of fork, spoon, knife, will surely make the gift truly enjoyable. Though you can also send just a cutlery set only to your loved ones and wish them well on their housewarming celebration. Click here to see range of Cutlery Set Electrical Appliances - Another great gifting idea for a housewarming gift is electrical appliances like induction, coffee maker, microwave, toaster etc,. This gifts are quite popular in India and makes a great housewarming gift for your dear ones. Also by sending this gift to your dear one you can be completely assured that they are being used and not just kept in a corner. Plants - A trending housewarming gifts nowadays are Plants, which your loved one can put up in their balcony and have greenery around. It is great for an apartment based life that we have now and no matter how many plants you have it''s nothing to be worried about. The plants will surely make the ambience and the house look better, your loved ones will surely love this gift. Gift Vouchers - For your loved one in India for whose housewarming you want to send gifts, and aren’t sure of the gifts you want to send you can surely go for Gift Vouchers, with which your loved one can select their own gift and utilise your gift as well. You can send them home decor gift vouchers with which they can choose their home decor products which will suit their home the best. Click here to see list of Gift Vouchers Home Decor - A popular housewarming gift in India, is home decor gifts which will surely be loved by your dear ones in here. You can send them showpieces, lamp, clock and many such products which will let your loved one to decorate their house and remember you always for the thoughtful gift. Click here to see Home Decor products Oil Diffuser - For your loved ones new house a nice housewarming gift idea will be aromatherapy oil diffuser as it will give their house a nice and warm smell and the environment will be very fresh all the time. Choose a soothing smell that will be loved by your family or friend and convey your good wishes to them on their new house.

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    Stunning House warming Gifts introduced by

    A housewarming occasion (or Griha Pravesh) is a party that takes place within 90 days of moving into a new residence. It is an opportunity for the hosts to showcase their new home to their family members and close friends, who in return bring in gifts to furnish their new home. Housewarming parties are generally informal, with religious incantations and loads of fun and merrymaking in place. This occasion is a great opportunity to revive the colourful memories of past through get-together. Guests who reside all over the world and due to any reason cannot attend the occasion personally hosted by their dear ones, can send housewarming gifts to India online and thus make them feel extra special and blessed. As e-commerce and e-shopping has become quite familiar, people across the world can send their dear ones gift to India through the top online gifts store This site brings in a wide collection of gifts for various occasions like birthday, wedding, housewarming, rakhi, anniversaries to name a few. NRIs residing all over the world can choose from a wide variety of housewarming gifts listed in the gift portal They can choose flowers, home decorating items, spiritual gifts, sweets, gift-vouchers, kitchenware etc. Wide variety of flowers which are categorized in the flowers section of house-warming occasion category is considered widely symbolic according to Hindu mythology and is expected to bring in the freshness and charm to the new house. Home decor items that includes bed spread, wall hanging, flower vase, photo frame etc. are considered most apt for such an occasion. Most amazingly people worldwide can even send spiritual gifts like sagun coins, holy idols, spiritual accessories, divine CDs & DVDs to grace the occasion. Spiritual gifts are expected to bring in luck, happiness, tranquility in the home by restoring mental peace, and restoration. As sweets are considered an evergreen delicacy for Indian people, you can even send gifts to India from US in the form of sweet hamper, sweets thali etc. Let your loved ones in India experience the mouth-watering taste of these sweets and thus cherish those special moments you have spent together. Besides this, you can even delight your hosts by sending gift vouchers from that has a wide collection of leading apparel, accessories and restaurants as its vendors. You can choose from a wide variety of brands like Wills Lifestyle, Adidas, Shopper's Stop, Tanishq, Baskin Robbins, Domino's Pizza etc. which you can send as gifts to India and thus express your heart-felt feelings to your family and friends. Other gifts for housewarming may include kitchenware items like dinner sets, tea sets, glassware, kitchen ware, etc. You can send kitchenware items and more such gifts to India as these are considered most popular house warming gifts in India.  The gift portal has made sending such wonderful heartfelt housewarming gifts to your Indian counterparts a layman’s job as it is very user-friendly site with efficient customer-service in place. You can have an access to all housewarming gifts collection by selecting from the ‘housewarming gifts’ category under the ‘occasion’ section of the site, Besides this, you can amaze your hosts by sending a bottle of branded perfume that will suit their personality. Be it Girgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Lacosta, Nina Ricci or Versace, has a wide and exquisite collection of all leading international perfumes to offer. Select and order such wonderful and exciting gifts from this portal to avail a safe, transparent, reliable and secure shopping experience along with an efficient 24x7 customer care support in place. So, every-time you want to surprise your loved ones with outstanding variety of gifts, avail different services of to have a nice, hassle-free experience.

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    Select exclusive house decor items through

    Home is a place where you enjoy excitement and happiness. It is an ultimate place for growth and a zone of comfort that nurtures beautiful memories. Eagerness to decorate your home with best items is there in people’s mind since civilization but things were not well explored till now. In today’s world, things have changed and home decor has emerged as one of the most important part of our lifestyle and social status. Keeping this in mind, has launched a series of home decoration items to be delivered to your dear family members and friends as gifts to India. With a dissertation to add glamour and ethnic appeal to your household, our site has launched a variety of house decoration gifts. Flower vases of different unique designs are introduced by the company keeping in mind the essence and significance of flowers in people’s life. Vases are designed in plenty envisaging the different types of people they would serve to. Vases with royal touch, ethnic finish, trendy design or contemporary layout are wisely displayed in the “flower vase section” of “home decor category”. You can even send gifts to India from US in the form of fashionable and elegant bed linen, which is considered a central part of every women’s dream collection for her home. Indian culture is an abode of wide array of arts and crafts that look elegant and awesome at the same time. To enliven such a tradition, multifarious categories of wall hangings are created as gifts to India. The wall hangings are assembled keeping in mind the religious tradition of India. A rich collection of sculptures embodying Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva Parvati and Nataraja are displayed in the site as home decor gifts. In addition to it, you can even send gifts to India in the form of wall pictures in glass work and wooden finish. As these wall hangings and wall pictures add glamour to your home by adding a significant touch, your guests whom you send such gifts will surely treasure them. Along with the above gifts, you can also send photo frames to your loved ones in India. Since, photo frames preserves items that have sentimental and uniquely aesthetic value in life, they are considered most appropriate house decorating gift. In addition to all the above collection of products, has a premium collection of elegant showpieces ready to be delivered to your dear ones in India. Be it a pair of “love birds” or “mesmerizing pen stand”, each and every products available in the ‘showpiece section’ of ‘Home Decor category’ constitutes an exceptional gifting item. Besides this, you can amaze your dear ones by sending various other unique decoratives like  an “intricate rangoli” or a “stylish candle stand”. Select and order such wonderful and exciting gifts from this portal to avail a safe, transparent, reliable and secure shopping experience along with an efficient 24x7 customer care support in place. So, every-time you want to surprise your loved ones with an outstanding variety of gifts, avail different services of and have a nice, hassle-free experience.

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    Decorate your home with exclusive home decor items

    Home decors add a touch of glamour to your rooms creating the desired effect with the use of objects, paintings and other artwork. Selecting accessories that portray your style and warm ambiance to the room is not an easy task. There is a variety of articles that you can use to decorate different rooms of your home. You will need to look at fabrics of various accessories which you want to place in different rooms of your home. The curtains in the living room, rugs, bed covers, mattresses, towels for bathrooms, sofa and couch covers, cushions, pillows and a host of other things need to be taken care of. Choose fabrics depending on your preferences for comfort especially for the bedroom because comfort is the most important aspect when bedroom is considered. For your living room fabrics, you can select comfortable as well as stylish material that compliments the other objects as well. When someone is moving from one place to other or buying a new house, it is always a nice idea to welcome them with home decors as gifts. For instance, when it comes to decorate your bedroom, you need to choose only the best and most eye soothing colors, which keep the room elegant and simple. To transform your bedroom from just a place to sleep to a place of peace and comfort you need to use best quality bed covers. Bed sheets with a pair of pillow covers set available in the Luxury Bed Linen category of the site, can be an awesome gifting idea on ones marriage or anniversary. The bed sheets are of intricate designs with unique floral motifs and patchworks. These attractive and colorful designs will surely add beauty to your bedroom. Flower vases and attractive show pieces will definitely compliment the beauty of your drawing room. If you want to change the look of your room flower vases can play vital role in this regard. There are varieties of beautiful flower vases available in our site that can add charm to your room. Flower vases can be found in various materials and craftsmanship like Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Clay, Stone, Wood , etc. Antique looking flower vases are in great demand by the people who love to admire them or love to decorate their home with these unique pieces. You can also fill them up with exotic flowers to add elegance, style and grace to your home. The show pieces as gifts to India can enhance the beauty of your home or office. There are different kinds of show pieces like paintings, metal items, pottery and many more. They also make perfect corporate gifts. Send home decor to your dear ones on any occasion or event and your gift will be appreciated by all.  Capturing life’s favorite moment is truly a wonderful thing.There is a huge variation of photo frames available in the site of, especially if you are planning to Send Gifts to India. Photo frames can also be purchased in different kinds of materials from wooden and metal frames to the slightly more obscure rubber and velvet. You will find ethnic designs to trendy looking photo frames to decorate your home. You will get them in various shapes, sizes and even have them custom made. Metal wall hangings are considered to be one of the most beautiful home decor. It makes your room look stunning and stylish, and also look very different from your usual wall decor like pictures, photos or mirrors. Sending home decors as gifts to India from US or other places is really an out of box idea to impress your loved ones on any occasion or event.