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Dhanteras is an eminent festival of India, celebrated annually on the first day of Diwali, the festival of lights. This auspicious day falls on every thirteenth day in the Hindu month of Ashwin, and is observed to pay reverence to Lakhsmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. The whole of India, especially the business community, as settled therein, observes this particular day with great reverence and devoutness. To a large extent, the occasion of Dhanteras holds a special sociocultural significance in India as buying of gold and jewelleries on this day is regarded to be very auspicious as well as popular.

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  • When is Dhanteras

    When is Dhanteras

    Dhanteras is a festival which is celebrated on the first day of the five-days Diwali festival. Usually celebrated on the13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha on the Hindu month of Aswin, this day is considered auspicious to purchase metals. Since ‘Dhan'; means wealth, people offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi for prosperity and well-being. Furthermore, on this day, people decorate their homes with colorful rangolis and motifs to welcome the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.  The articles in this chapter discusses about when is Dhanteras and the various gifts which you can send to your loved ones on this day.

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  • Dhanteras Gift Ideas

    Dhanteras Gift Ideas

    Dhantears is a festival which is celebrated with great devotion and ardor by the people of India. On this day, they offer prayers to the ‘Owl'; form of Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Furthermore, it is believed that purchasing metals on this day brings luck, happiness and prosperity in one';s home. Gifting metal items to loved ones is also a tradition which is also followed on this day. Keeping this in mind, we offer you a wide variety of metal items which you can send to your loved ones in India on this sacred festival. For more gift ideas, you can take a look at this section. The articles assigned in this chapter discuss about wonderful Dhanteras gift ideas.

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  • Dhanteras Celebration

    Dhanteras Celebration

    This chapter informs the readers about the celebration of Dhanteras.

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