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It often happens that words do not make up for something wrong done to someone. In that case, gifts speak volumes. No matter who is hurt and how is hurt, gifts can always help in easing the tension and even help in making everything same again. Flowers can be considered the best gift for apologising, the other ‘Sorry’ gifts can include chocolates, cakes, and more. The articles assigned in this chapter will detail about the gifts that can be sent as ‘Sorry Gifts’.

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    Best Yet Affordable Sorry Gifts Are Available At

    There are many occasions when unknowingly or sometimes knowingly maybe, we hurt those we love. It might never be our true intention, but in the course of our everyday lives, it is quite a herculean task to always remain righteous. Thus we make mistakes and some dear person gets hurt. Thus the need to apologize arises. But simply saying ‘Sorry’ does not suffice always. To make the person concerned genuinely feel the earnestness of our apology we should send Sorry gifts as a mark of how truly sorry we are. It doesn’t need to be something expensive. A small affordable gift with a sorry note would do just fine when you send them as gifts to India. Sorry Chocolate Hamper : Chocolates are the best way of saying sorry to someone. You can send a collection of many types of chocolates as a hamper to those you love for expressing your apology. These chocolates range from Ferrero Rocher boxes to Bournville, every variety of Dairy Milk chocolates and Nestle chocolates. These delectable chocolate hampers are sure to melt the heart of your dear one.   Cute Soft Toys : Soft Toys are way of reminding your loved one that you like the warmth and cute nature of that person and that you are constantly reminded of him/her. You can send a personal note writing a heartwarming message and expressing that you are genuinely sorry. Soft toys are bound to uplift anyone’s mood because of the immense warmth they spread.   Sorry Hamper : It does not necessarily mean that saying sorry means you have some reason to be sorry. It could also mean that you are wishing someone condolences for some sad occurrence. Whatever might be the situation, sending sorry hampers which include flowers and cakes, chocolates, dry fruits, fresh fruits etc. will surely make the receiver very happy. They will feel much better after receiving these gifts. And your earnestness will also get noticed. Now send gifts to India to to your near and dear ones for wishing them Sorry with the help of this online gifting portal which caters to it's clients worldwide. Also now you can send gifts to India from USA on any occasion or events with the help of this reputed and reliable online shopping store of India.  

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    The feeling of Sorry - Best expressed with Greeting Cards

    Oftentimes it is the case that we commit a mistake or an error in judgement due to which our loved ones are hurt. Though sorry is one small and simple word, it is quite expressive when it comes to asking for someone’s forgiveness. However, it might be the case that the person is so hurt that they are not even talking to you or receiving your calls. This becomes an even bigger issue when you are very far from that person and staying in another country. In such an event, you have to think about various sorry gift ideas that can be sent to India for them. As this is a very urgent situation, you need to rectify it as soon as possible and bring smile on the lips of your dear ones. It will be best if you choose to send online gifts to India as they can be delivered as soon as possible. This premier online gifting portal has various such gifting options that you can select to please your beloved. Among the many gift ideas that are available here, greeting cards are a very viable option in this regard. The sorry greeting cards are filled with sincere and heartfelt messages that will surely melt your loved one’s heart. The Classy Sorry Greeting Card has a very meaningful and thoughtful message that can surely cheer up your loved ones. The card is yellow in colour and it is in a rectangular shape that makes it look extremely pretty. There are images of yellow roses with long stems on the front of the card and such images are also found inside the card. The Pink Rose I am Sorry Greeting Card is filled with a beautiful message that will touch your dear one’s heart. The card has a greenish colour and it has been made into a rectangular shape which makes it look amazing. There are images of pink roses both inside and outside the card and these roses have long green stems.   The Single Red Rose Sorry Greeting Card conveys a very heartfelt message to your dear ones. The card is yellowish in colour with the image of a single red rose with green leaves and the card comes in rectangular shape. The Humble Apology Card has a very touching message that will surely appeal to your loved one’s good nature. The card is purple in colour and it has several images of flowers, tea cups and candles in holders in a rectangular shape. The Heartfelt Apology Card contains a very humble apology for past mistakes that can surely melt your dear one’s heart. The exterior of the card is black in colour while the interior is green and it has images of a red rose, a fountain pen and a creative greeting card tied with a silky brown ribbon.   If you are staying away from your loved ones, you can easily send these sorry greeting cards as gifts to India from USA. You can even combine such gifts with various others like flowers, soft toys and also chocolates. If you are looking for gifts for other occasions, events or situations then you can also find a myriad other gifts on this online gifting portal.  

  • Sorry Toys

    Feeling Sorry - Lift up the mood with Cute Soft Toys

    Apologizing is an art and if you cannot perform or convey it properly then you are in for a big trouble. A face to face apology is the best way of saying sorry but you may not always have that luxury. But establishing the former good relation is also very important and hence you may need to look for other means to express that you are feeling sorry. If you are living really far away in another country then you can send many gifts for this occasion online. Online gifts are a better option because in this case you need not worry about your gift being delayed in any way. You can find numerous sorry gift ideas on this reliable online gift store that are very apt for this situation. Among these many gifts, the cute soft toys are the most cutest way of letting someone know how bad you feel. The Amazing Heart Shaped Pillow is a cushion that is in the shape of a heart which is red in colour. The Loving Heart cushion is heart shaped and it is found in a bright red colour that makes it look quite cute. The pillow is composed of two hearts with one inside the other and they have a very furry texture. The Just for You Teddy Bear soft toy is actually a pair of teddy bears that are pink in colour with red ears and paws and a red white polka dotted bow. The teddies are sitting on a red heart shaped cushion and they are holding a red heart shaped cushion with the words ‘Just for you’. The Sweet Red Teddy Bear soft toy is a teddy bear that is light red in colour with white patches on its legs and ears. The teddy is in a sitting position and holding a big cushion that is heart shaped and it is red in colour. The Gorgeous Giraffe Toy is a soft toy that is in the shape of a cute little giraffe with a bowed head. The giraffe is brown in colour with dark brown spots and black tail hairs, a hair tuft and beady eyes. The Endearing White Tiger is a sweet tiger soft toy that is white in colour with black stripes and eyes and a brown nose. The main highlight of this amazing soft animal is its eyes which are very expressive and they make it look extremely sorry. The Dog Soft Toys . This adorable brown bulldog soft toy from can surely bring a smile on the lips of your loved ones in India.. The Attractive Love Teddy is teddy bear that has been placed in a sitting posture and it is quite furry. Any of these fantastic soft toys can be sent as gift to India for this particular occasion from this online gifting portal. You can send gift to India for many occasions and events from the gifts showcased on this best gifting site. These India gifts will surely be appreciated by your friends and family and we will definitely ensure that they receive the gifts in time.  

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    Send Sorry Gifts to the one you have hurt in India

    Mistakes are committed by everybody, as nobody is perfect. But the act of apologizing is always very difficult. If you are living abroad, and want to convey a sorry message to the person you have hurt in India, you can always send gifts to India to express your apology. Nobody likes to admit their own mistake. Most of the time, it is due to the fear of rejection. We are afraid that our apology would be received with a cold shoulder, and we won’t be forgiven for the mistake that we have committed. Others might feel that saying ‘sorry’ is a sign of weakness. Denial is always easier than accepting one’s own mistake. Denial usually helps an individual to stay in the delusion that he has not committed any mistake. But the fact is that saying ‘Sorry’ is really important. It is the most important thing to maintain any healthy relationship. Withholding an apology can be detrimental to a relationship. This simple word is capable of sorting out a lot of issues, and helps the people around you to understand that you value them more than your own petty ego. Therefore to help you in this noble cause the decade old trustworthy web portal of has brought for you a special section - ‘Sorry Gifts’. It is the perfect location, where you can find just the perfect sorry gift, and express your heartfelt apology. To send gifts to India, for any occasions and festivals you just need to log on to our website and select your prefered gift item. And all your gifts will be delivered to your loved one on your preferred time, and without any extra shipping charge. The very popular “Sorry Gift” section of our portal consists of many fabulous gift items that is bound to melt the heart of your loved one and help you earn their forgiveness. Sorry With Flowers - Flowers are the most wonderful gift of nature. And you can always send a beautiful bouquet of assorted flowers to the person you have hurt in India to express your apology. Our portal will make sure that they reach your dear one in extreme fresh condition, so that when they reach the recipient, he/she will totally forget about all the misunderstandings. Cute Soft Toys - If you want to earn an apology from your girlfriend, wife or a kid, there is nothing better than a cute soft toy to convey your sorry message. Our portal’s soft toy section consists of cute teddies, heart shaped cushions, stuffed animals and many more of such wonderful items. So, feel free to make your pick, and our portal will deliver it to your loved one securely. Cakes - The tasty and delicious cakes available on our portal can be a perfect option to express your apology. These delicious treats will make the person angry with you, forget all the ill memories. Our portal has cakes of various flavors, and will be delivered freshly baked to the recipient. Do you actually remember when was the last time that you have conveyed a heartfelt apology to someone? It is never too late to apologize to someone. So, just for once keep your ego aside and order a Sorry Gift from the portal of, and see the magic.  

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    Apologise With Sorry Gifts Available At

    It often happens that it becomes really difficult to say ‘sorry’ to the person whom you have hurt whether knowingly or unknowingly. You often fail to decide how to apologise. Our website, is giving you a rewarding opportunity to apologise by sending gifts. is a renowned e-gifting portal, through which you can send gifts to India to say ‘sorry’ to someone you have hurt. You can also send sorry gifts in case you have missed to wish someone on birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other occasion. In our website, there is a different section assigned to Sorry Gifts which displays different varieties of gifts that you can send as an apology to your loved ones. The section is stocked with flowers, cakes, soft toys, chocolates and sweets. Without wasting any further time, browse through this section in our website to send the gift that help you to apologise to your loved ones. Sending flowers as an apology gift is an age old practise. If you are wondering how to say ‘sorry’ to someone you have hurt, then you can send flowers through our website, We have a splendid collection of flowers that comes in various unique and beautiful arrangements. This means that you can send roses, lilies, gerberas, orchids, carnations available in lovely arrangements. The different kinds of flower arrangements in our section of sorry gifts to India have been divided into Assorted Flowers, Exclusive Bouquets, Flower Baskets, Life Size Arrangements, Flowers in a vase and many more. With the help of our exotic variety of fresh flowers, say ‘sorry’ to someone you have hurt. If you want to send something else with the flowers then you can go for the Fruits and Flower Basket. Here, you will get to send fresh flowers along with fresh seasonal fruits. There can hardly be a better way to say sorry than with soft toys. You can choose cuddly cute soft toys from Exclusive Teddies, Soft Animals, Love Hearts and Soft Cushions. If you have hurt your beloved then the soft toys from the category of Love Hearts will surely do magic for you. Here, the soft toys comes with ‘I love you’ written on them which will not only help you to say sorry but also to express you deepest love. If you team up delicious cakes with the soft toys then you can be certain then you will be forgiven within no time. You can choose from cakes offered by Five Star Bakery and Taj Cakes. If you want to say ‘sorry’ to your kid brother for missing his birthday then you can send cakes of his favorite cartoon character from the category of Kids Cakes. Variety of flavors starting from chocolate to strawberry, pineapple, black forest and vanilla are available in our site from where you can send sorry gifts to India. Chocolates are preferred by almost everyone under the sun irrespective of age and gender. At, you can send sorry gifts to India in form of chocolates. The rich, tasty and awesome variety of chocolates of our website will certainly help you to express your apology from the center of your heart. You can choose different brands of chocolates from categories Chocolate & Cookies, Handmade Chocolates, Chocolate Hampers, Chocolate Thali and Sugar Free Chocolates. So next time when you hurt someone or miss important events and occasions, be ready to place an order of chocolates from our website.  Other than sending chocolates, sending sweets will really be a ‘sweet’ way to say ‘sorry’. Our assortment of tasty sweets are stocked in categories of Indian Sweets, Sweets Hamper and Sweets Thali. If you are staying in USA, then with the help of our site you can send gift to India from US. Our website has a wide delivery network that ensures the fact that your chosen gift will be delivered right on time to your preferred location. Let our excellent variety of sorry gifts help you express you sincere apology to someone very close to your heart.