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Punjab is a small state of India. It is situated in the north western part of India. The state is known for its rich cultural heritage. Its unique blend of urban and rural flavors make it different from other states of India. People of Punjab are very simple and fun loving. They actively participate in their regional occasions and festivals such as Lohri, Baisakhi and so on. Along with performing their traditional customs, they even share wonderful gifts to convey warm wishes. The articles assigned in this chapter discusses about various gift ideas that you can send to your dear ones in Punjab.

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    Punjab Occasions

      Alongside following various rituals, wearing new clothes, family gatherings and grand dining, gifting plays significant role to make any occasion more joyful. Various gifts such as sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, cakes, flowers and so on can be sent as gifts and mark the occasion eventful. The articles assigned in this chapter provide detailed information about numerous popular gifting ideas one can exchange amongst dear ones on any special occasions.

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    Send wonderful gifts to kids in Punjab

    Kids are the ones who enjoy the most no matter what the occasion or festival is. Hence if any festival or special event is around the corner, you can delight your loved ones by gifting. Are you staying away from your small ones in off-shore? No worries. You can definitely seek the assistance of online gifting portals to send gifts to Punjab, if the recipient stays there. Now you might be puzzled which one to choose from a wide number of online portals. You can send online gifts to Punjab through Gifts-Punjab.com. This portals will definitely reach the doorstep of the recipient within no time. This portal has won many hearts of satisfied customers owing to its great on time delivery and proficient customer support team. You can take the assistance of customer care to choose a gift or to track the gift and so on. Gifts-Punjab.com has come to you a wide collection of items in the Gifts for Kids section. If you are about to send gifts to a kid girl, a barbie or soft toy would make a great gift. Barbies in this section are available in trendy clothes and Indian traditional wear. You can also avail soft cat, soft tiger, elephant, heart shaped cushion, doggy, and a lot more to choose from. Sending gifts to Punjab through Gifts-Punjab.com is just fun. If your little one is a school goer, you can for school bag arranged in this section. Bags with the images of Disney princess, for girls and Spider Man bags for boys are arranged in this section. You can spice up the gift by adding chocolates with other gifts. In this chocolates section, you will get to see a wide collection of delicious reputed chocolates such as Celebration, Ferrero Rocher, 5 Star, Fruit n Nut, Vochelle, Lindt and a lot more to pick from. You can go away with handmade chocolates, come in colorful wrappers which are arranged in various shaped hand made trays. These chocolates would add a  special charm to any occasion or festival. Your small ones will definitely be delighted to receive these mouthwatering chocolates as gifts, no matter what the occasion is. Personalized mugs are also a new generation gift, which carries personal touch with the gift and hence make the occasion even more joyful. Some special moments will be captured on the mugs and make them more special. Your loved ones will treasure those precious memories for a long years to come, especially when you are not with them. These kids personalised mugs come in various animal shaped handles which make them even more attractive. Your dear ones will just be glued to those impressive gifts. If you are puzzled what to choose for the little champion in Punjab, you can definitely make your pick from vouchers section. Here in this section, options are varied. Hence if you want to treat your little ones, you can definitely go with vouchers from Domino’s Pizza, Cafe Coffee Day, and so on. You can also send one with school items such as lunch box, water bottle, pencil box, color pencils and so on. You can also find educational games, puzzle, story books, etc. Send gifts to your small ones staying back in Punjab and make any occasion eventful. He/she will just love these toys and gifts to possess. Your gifts will will surely bring that million dollar smile on your little ones faces.  

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    Give a tasty treat to your dear ones by sending food items from GiftsPunjab.com

    Gifts play significant role on any occasion or festival. No occasion or festival is complete without gifts. Hence if any festival or occasion is about to come, you need to gift your loved ones. But if you are staying far away from your loved ones, you need to send gifts online. Previously NRIs used to send gifts through courier services which sometimes go missing. But now a days with the changing time, various online gifting portals have emerged. These portals assist the global Indians to send gifts to Punjab, bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and various other cities and states in India. Gifts-Punjab.com is one such e-gifting portals, who has been enabling the global Indians to send online gifts to Punjab. Hence if your loved one is settled somewhere in Punjab, you need to send gifts through Gifts-Punjab.com. Your gifts through this proficient portal will reach the doorstep of the recipient within no time. Moreover you can be rest assured that your gifts will be delivered in perfect condition. You can send food items to your loved ones as gifts on any upcoming occasion. These food items will add charm to the festivity. This portal has brought to you a great collection of food items. Let us discuss a few of them to send as gifts - Cakes - Gifts-Punjab.com is the best site to Send flowers to India coupled with delicious cakes and make the occasion a great hit. This portal has arranged a great collection of cakes in various flavors ranging from chocolate to black forest to vanilla to pineapple and a lot more to name a few. Moreover all these cakes are arranged from reputed bakeries and 5 star bakeries, hence you can be rest assured that the quality and the flavor of the cakes will be great. These cakes come in various shapes such as two tier cakes, piano cake, heart shaped cake, and so on. Cartoon characters such as Mickey, donald duck, smiley, toy train and so on will definitely be loved by kids. Chocolate - It goes without saying that chocolates are loved by all. Hence this portal has arranged a great collection of mouth-watering chocolates which you can send as gifts. And since sending gifts to Punjab through this proficient portal is just a  cakewalk, you will love gifting. Chocolates from various reputed brands such as Ferrero Rocher, Celebration, Hershey’s, Temptation, Lindt, Bournville and a lot more. Apart from branded chocolates, handmade chocolates are also arranged in this section. You loved ones back in Punjab will relish these chocolates and treasure those priceless memories for a long time to come. Sweets - Delight your foodie loved ones with yummy sweets such as kaju barfi, motichoor laddoo, kaju gujiya, kaju katli, soan papri, kaju anjeer, kesaria peda, and so on. Not only dry fruits, this site also arranges tinned sweets Rasgulla, Raj Bhog etc. Sweets also come with dry fruits to make them taste even more delicious. Send sweets to India and spread happiness. Dry Fruits - Dry fruits loaded with various health nutrients will definitely be welcomed as gift. Moreover, dry fruits are considered as auspicious, hence can be sent on any special occasion and make it eventful. All these crunchy dry fruits such as raisins, cashews, almonds, are arranged in beautiful trays to make them look grand. These food items will be sent as gift to your loved ones. Send these confectioneries and let your dear ones relish the treat on any special occasion or festival.

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    Wish Happy Birthday to your dear ones in Punjab with gifts

    With the wake of globalisation, a country like India is now evolving from its age old traditional customs to international ones. Indians are now more interested in  throwing parties than calling it an ordinary family function. Similarly in India, Birthdays are special occasions when Birthday parties are held. We all know that Birthdays are particular days when a person was born, and this special day comes annually. Every year Birthdays are thus celebrated to commemorate the day, which came years back in a person’s life. Some celebrate Birthdays in a grand manner whereas some prefer to spend the day without much pomp and zeal. Friends and family are always beside that Birthday Boy or Girl to make their day more special and happy. Sometimes the family of the person having a Birthday, arranges for a Surprise Birthday Party. This is also an impact of the western culture. The person is given no clue as to what is going to happen on that day. Dear ones are invited and all arrangement is made secretly. At the right time the person gets a surprise when everyone present there, wishes him “Happy Birthday”. Any occasion is now related with gifts. Gifts are exchanged on occasion and this is considered to be auspicious. These gifts remind us of the person who presented us the gift, and also brings back the sweet and happy nostalgia of the special day. Even Birthdays are no exception. We store these gifts in our closets forever. But as nowadays many Indians reside as NRIs so it troublesome for them to purchase gifts and send them to India. Thus the one stop solution to this problem is taking help of online portals like Gifts-Punjab.com. Your dear ones may reside in Punjab so this site will help you to reach out to them. Specially if you want to send Birthday gifts to Punjab, you will find a lot of such option here. This site enables global Indians to send gifts to Punjab to their near ones. On Birthday you can select from loads of gifts and send them to Punjab. Here are some gifts that you may try giving: Birthday Cakes - Birthdays are unimaginable without Cakes. Although this is practised mostly in  western countries but now it is prevalent in India too. Birthday Cakes are special cakes prepared for the Birthday girl or boy. The cake is cut by the Birthday boy/girl and distributed to his/her’s near ones. Birthday Cakes which are available the site Gifts-Punjab.com are delicious, of good quality, and enticing. There are special Birthday cakes of yummy chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch flavor that will add on to the zeal of the Birthday party. Kids Cakes are also available which are shaped into the favourite cartoon characters of the kids. Princess Barbie, Tweety, Mickey, Harry Potter come to your house in the shape of cakes.Besides there are Special Birthday Cakes which are designed beautifully with intricacy and efficiency. There are 2- tier and 3-tier cakes in this section. Drown into the yummy tastes of cakes. Age-Wise Birthday Gifts - Anyone can celebrate his or her Birthday irrespective of his/her age. So it is best to gift him/her a Birthday present that will match his age. So keeping this in mind Gifts-Punjab.com has included a section named Age-Wise Birthday Gifts for your dear ones. It is categorised in different age groups like 0-1, 2-5, 18-25, 25-40 years etc. Under each of these you will get unique gift ideas. Like for 0-1 year you will get gifts for infants, like Milk Bottle, Johnson’s Baby Kit, soft toys etc. For the age group 25-40 years, there are gifts like Hair Drier, branded perfumes, hampers of chocolates and flowers, grooming hampers and many more. Gift Vouchers - Give your dear one all the happiness on their birthday by gifting them a Gift Voucher. These are the most sensible gifts that you can present to them. With the help of the Gift Vouchers they will be able to shop all the  items of their choices and needs. There are Gift Vouchers from various brands like Big Bazar and Pantaloons for shopping garments, Mainland China and Taj for Dining, Tanishq for jewellery and lots more. Just let them buy their heart out and they will be definitely thankful to you. Zodiac Gifts - Most of us believe in Zodiac Signs as they unfold our characteristics. There are 12 Sun Signs which are also known as Zodiac Signs. Zodiac Signs are determined on the basis of birth dates, so giving a Zodiac Gifts are a good idea. Just know what is the Zodiac sign of person having birthday, then gift him a Zodiac watch, Zodiac T-Shirt, Zodiac Photo frame or Zodiac Mug. Other than these there are various other options too for you to choose from. Make someone’s Birthday most memorable and fun filled by gifting from Gifts-Punjab.com. Send amazing gifts to Punjab through us.  

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    Send Flowers, Chocolates and Cakes to your dear ones in Punjab

    The concept of online gifting has cropped up in the recent years. This is due to the migration of citizens from their homeland. The reason behind this migration is infinite and varied, like some settle in other countries for their bright career, others go to study or some may migrate after marriage. In this way they get separated from their dear ones who reside in their native countries. They are not able to participate in family get-togethers occasionally or enjoy festivals and other events. But their heart cries for them. So to stay in touch they want to send tokens of love to them, as a remembrance of them. The online sites therefore act as a medium to deliver gifts to their native country. The sites display a wide collection of gifts from which the customer can select one or more gifts and provide the details of the receiver to deliver the gift online. Such a site is Gifts-Punjab.com which delivers gifts to different places in Punjab. So if you are thinking how to send gifts to Punjab online, then this is the easiest way. Your dear ones in Punjab would love to get a gift from you surprisingly. Moreover the task of sending gifts to Punjab will be smooth as the gifts will reach within some days and at a very reasonable price to your dear ones. The most popular gifts that are ordered here are Flowers, Cakes and Chocolates. Let us know about them in brief: Flowers - Flowers are the beauty of nature. In this site you will be amazed to see beautiful collections of enchanting flowers. Nothing can be more beautiful than magnificent Carnations to send as gifts to someone special. You can avail graceful arrangements of these Carnations from the site. There are pink carnations decorated with green leaves and white fillers in a lovely basket. Moreover you will also find Scarlet red colored carnations arranged in the shape of heart. Sometimes these carnations also come in pretty vases. The receiver of these flowers will be overwhelmed to get them. You can also opt for Roses, the ideal flower of love. They come in unique heart shape, the entire arrangement looks vibrant in the combination of red with white or green leaves. Roses also come in beautiful cane baskets or vases. Even combinations of different colored roses can be found. There is a section where there are different types of flowers innovatively arranged in vases. There may be one type of Flower in a Vase like only roses or there can also be different types of flowers like carnations, rose and lilies in a single vase. The vases are beautiful and elegant. It can be glass or colorful vases. Orchids are god’s wonder on earth. They look gracious and amazing in different colors like blue, pink, purple or yellow. So these orchids are arranged vivaciously to make them ideal gifts. Besides all these you can also choose from a wonderful range of Flower Bouquets, Life Size Arrangements etc.   Cakes - Cakes are mainly an influence of Western culture. In Western countries cakes become a part of any joyous occasion. But nowadays in India too cakes are a delicious gift item. Special cakes are cut on any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary or for celebrating special achievements like after succeeding an examination, making a business deal or any other. Gifts-Punjab.com has a wide collection of different types of cakes. There are cakes from Five Star Bakery. These are delicious in taste. Some of the cakes found here are Black Forest cakes, Chocolate cakes, Strawberry and Pineapple flavored cakes. Besides you will also find special Kid’s cake that are very cute in shape. These cakes come in wonderful designs, like that of Tweety, Mickey Mouse, Barbie or Harry Potter. Kids will love them. Other types of cakes that one can avail are, Special cakes that come in different innovative shapes like piano or tunnel train etc. Taj cakes and Normal cakes are also available. Your dear one will get lost in the amazing taste of these cakes. Chocolates - Chocolates for ages have won hearts of people irrespective of age. The great taste of milk and cocoa together is too irresistible to avoid. Specially Kids love chocolates. There are variety of Chocolates which are available in the market. Milk Chocolates, Dark Chocolates and so on. At Gifts-Punjab.com you will come across a broad collection of delicious chocolates that anyone will find tempting. There are different categories of chocolates available here. Some of these arrangements are Chocolate Hampers where you can avail different varieties of chocolates of popular brands in one hamper. There are Handmade Chocolates that will delight your dear one. They are of finest quality and great in taste. In addition there are Chocolates Roses where the chocolates are prepared in the shape of roses. For health conscious dear ones, you can try Sugar-Free chocolates. Other than these you will also find Chocolate Thalis, Chocolates and Cookies etc.  

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    Delight your family with online gifts to Punjab

    If your family is living in the beautiful Indian state of Punjab, then you can always use an online gift store to send gifts to Punjab on special occasions. Sending online gifts has become very popular, and it has become popular for a good reason. Sending online gifts is very convenient and it can be done from anywhere. Festive occasions of Punjab include - Baisakhi, Gurpurab, Lohri, Holi, Diwali, Bhaidooj, Rakhi etc, and on a popular online gift store like - Gifts-Punjab.com, you will be able to find gifts for all these occasions. This website has a wonderful delivery network in Punjab, and is capable of delivering gifts to almost all  the cities in Punjab. So,if your friends and family are residing in cities like Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Mohali, Patiala etc, then you can send gifts to them via Gifts-Punjab.com, from any part of the globe. The website is very user friendly and the wide range of gifts will surely impress you. Listed below are some of the popular products available on Gifts-Punjab.com, that can be sent as online gifts to Punjab. Watches - In earlier times watches used to be a necessity, but nowadays it is a symbol of prestige and also considered as a fashion accessory. On our online gift store, that specialises in sending gifts to Punjab, you will be able to find a wonderful collection of branded watches for both men and women. The watches available on this online gift store, are from reputed brands like - Citizen, Fastrack, Sonata, Timex and Titan. So, send a branded watch to your friends and family in Punjab on the next special occasion and give them a wonderful surprise. Showpieces - A very interesting and cute gift item that can be sent as a gift to Punjab is an interesting showpiece. Showpieces will help your dear one to decorate their home and workplace.  The showpieces available on our online store comes in various forms and at a very affordable rate. We have showpieces in the form of pen stands, candle stands, piggy banks, mobile stands, table clocks, etc. These gift items are beautiful to look at and at the same time useful. So, next time when you make plans to send gifts to Punjab for your dear ones, you must add a pretty showpiece from our gift portal. Flowers - Flowers can be sent for almost any special occasion, and the best way to deliver fresh flowers to Punjab is via an online gift store like Gifts-Punjab.com. In this website you will be able to find various flower arrangements at a very reasonable rate. The magnificent colors and the beauty of these flower arrangements will surely brighten up your dear one’s day in Punjab. Apart from these wonderful products you can also avail various other products from our online gift store. If you use our services, you also get a chance to use facilities like - Midnight Delivery, Express Delivery etc. Another wonderful fact about our website is that, our customer care support team is available 24x7, so if you have any query regarding your gift order you can always seek help from them. Use the services of the very popular online gift store - Gifts-Punjab.com, and delight your dear ones with wonderful and unique gifts.