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Congratulation Gifts

Congratulation Gifts

There can hardly be a better way to congratulate someone other than sending gifts. Sending gifts is in fact the best and most convenient way to congratulate someone for achieving an outstanding feat. Gifts are sent to congratulate someone and also to encourage and boosting the confidence. A wide variety of gifts that include chocolates, perfumes, watches can be sent. The articles assigned in this chapter detail about the various gifts that can be sent for congratulation someone.

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  • Congratulations Cards

    Congratulate Your Loved Ones With Wonderful Greeting Cards

    Whenever any close friend or relative comes by any achievement or any happy event befalls them, we equally feel happy and want to congratulate them. Sending best wishes to our loved ones naturally comes to our mind as the next thing to do. Sending Congratulation Greetings card is a wonderful way to congratulate someone whatever might be the reason. Now sending gifts to India from US whenever you want to congratulate someone is very easy with the help of this online shopping portal. Congratulate your friends back in India heartily with the Heartiest Congratulations Card which is elegantly designed with colourful lilies and with a beautiful message inside it. Your friends will definitely love it. Send best wishes to your loved ones with the Indigo Blue Congratulations Card. Beautifully decorated with different colourful flowers and with a beautiful message. This card will definitely bring a smile in the face of your loved ones. Congratulate your loved ones in India on their achievement or success by sending them this beautifully designed Green Congratulations Card. The message written in the card along with the fresh designs will impart lots of hope and positive feelings to the receiver. Bring in a fun element to the success of your loved ones by sending this Colorful Congratulations Greeting Card. It comes with a beautiful message which will definitely bring a smile in the face of your loved ones. Also it is adorned with colorful and amazing design which makes the card even more desirable. Your admiration on the success of your loved ones in India will be even more pronounced when you send this amazing A Warm Congratulation Card. It is decorated with beautiful peach roses and with a heartwarming message inside. The receiver will definitely love it. Send these beautiful greeting cards as gifts to India to your cherished loved ones in India. You can also send gifts to India from USA as many as you want and whenever you want through this premier online gifting portal which caters to all it's clients worldwide.  

  • Congratulate Someone

    Flowers: The best way to congratulate someone

    To congratulate someone it does need any special day. For any happy event or achievement or occasion in anyone’s life calls for the need to congratulate that person. It can be done only verbally or by a simple text but it gets really special when we send them congratulations gifts. Now sending gifts to India has become really easy and super hassle free with the help of this online shopping portal. There can be no better gift for congratulating someone than giving flowers. The Colours of Love is a pristine arrangement of 24 multi coloured roses of orange, red, pink yellow colours in a bouquet form which is a perfect gift to congratulate someone. Also the Fashionable Roses are an arrangement of fresh flowers which has a beautiful arrangement of 24 pink roses wrapped with pink net and satin ribbon which will enthrall your loved and make them truly feel your best wishes. Fill up any ambiance with a wonderful aura as you send the Rose and Lily for U as gifts to India. This large bouquet includes the arrangement of mixed colored Roses and Gerbera which will create the best way to congratulate someone. This will definitely uplift the spirits of your loved ones. This trusted online gifting brings to you this Beautiful Pink Bouquet which you can send as a congratulation gift. This enticing bouquet has 10 pink roses and 10 pink gerberas decorated with green leaves and fillers. The Serene Bouquet is a captivating assortment of beautiful flowers including 12 peach roses, 3 peach gerberas with green leaves and fillers. This can be sent very easily as congratulations wishes through this proficient online reliable store. Flowers make good gifts for any occasion but it makes the perfect gift for wishing someone congratulations in the most endearing way possible. You can also send them as gifts to India from USA. Make sure you do congratulate the person you love in the right time.  

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    Amazing Congratulation Gifts launched by

    Searching a gift for your brother or sister who has passed his/her exam with flying colors or your cousin who has been promoted or your relatives who are proud parents of an adorable girl or boy then will surely help you in this regard. This is an online gifting store that showcases a wide collection of congratulation gifts for all. Alongside these, it also offers a splendid selection of gifts for every occasion and festival. Furthermore, with the help of this site, in whichever corner of the world you are settled in, you can send gifts to India without any hesitation as this portal is well known for its efficient customer and on-time delivery services. In the ‘congratulation gifts’ section of this portal, you will come across a beautiful range of gifts which will further heighten the joys of the celebration. Beautiful bouquets of flowers, delicious sweets, cakes and chocolates, attractive showpieces, branded watches and gift hampers are some items which you can gift your loved one on his/her moment of achievement. But if you want to gift your loved one a traditional gift then a packet of delicious sweets will be the best gift. This is because any Indian celebration is incomplete without these mouth-watering delicacies.  Keeping this in mind, offers a variety of sweets which your dear one will be delighted to receive. Kaju barfi, Kaju suraj, Kesaria Peda, Motichoor Laddoo, Sohan Papri are some popular sweets displayed in the ‘Sweets’ section of this site. You can choose to send these sweets as a gift hamper or in a beautiful thali and tray. Since all these sweets are from well known confectioneries such as Haldiram, K.C Das and so on, your loved ones will savour its taste for many days. However, if your loved ones prefer chocolates to sweets, then you can browse through the ‘Chocolates’ section which is filled with a delicious collection of chocolates from renowned brands like Cadbury, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Vochelle and so on. For more options, take a look in the chocolate hampers, thalis and handmade chocolate categories as well. Here, you will find a wide variety of delicious which you can send as gifts to India. Besides these, also showcases sugar free chocolates as well which will be the perfect gift for your dear ones suffering from diabeties or those who are watching their sugar intake. It goes without saying that flowers are the most popular gifts as it further adds charm to the celebration with its bright and colorful appearance. Thus, a bouquet of these beautiful miracles of nature will be a perfect addition to your gift. Roses, gerberas, carnations, lilies, orchids are some flowers which you can send to your dear ones through this portal. Depending on your preference, you can send these as a hand bunch, bouquet, coupled with fruits in a basket or vase and so on. Since this portal only delivers fresh flowers, your loved ones will surely appreciate these from you. Watches as gifts will be a good gift idea for those individuals who want to send a gift which the recipient will treasure for many years to come. Timex, Titan, Sonata, Fastrack, Angora, etc, are some popular names whose watches you can send through this portal. Depending on the recipient’s preference, you can take your pick from any of these brands. Apart from these, gift hampers, gift vouchers, showpieces, perfumes are also very popular gifting items on such a joyous occasion. Thus, send congratulation gifts to India through this site and let the celebration for your loved one be ten folds.

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    Congratulate Your Dear Ones With Special Gifts

    Achieving success in one’s goal calls for a grand celebration. Whether your loved one has passed his/her examination or received a promotion, what better than gifts to express your hearty congratulations. If you are planning to send him/her gifts then can help you in this regard. This is an e-gifting site that has been helping NRIs all over the globe to send gifts to India on occasions and festivals. If you browse through this site, you will come across a wide collection of items which you can send to your loved ones in India. Furthermore, with the help of this site, you can send gifts to India from US or any part of the world. But, it goes without saying that picking any gift is easy but choosing one which the recipient will appreciate is an entirely different ball game. Thus, to make your search a little easier, we have included ‘Congratulation gifts’ category in our site. Here, you will come across an assortment of items which the recipient will be thrilled to receive from you.  From delicious cakes, chocolates, sweets to flowers, gift vouchers, etc, are some of the items which you can send to your dear ones as congratulation gifts to India. You can be certain that your gift will heighten their celebration. It is a known fact that any celebration is incomplete without cutting cakes. Hence, we at bring you a wide variety of cakes of different flavours which will surely bring a smile on your loved one’s face. You can take your pick from vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, butterscotch and strawberry flavoured cakes. Along with these, we also offer you mouth-watering black forest cakes. Since we bring you cakes from renowned bakeries, you need not worry about their quality and taste. Along with these delicious cakes, a bouquet of flowers will be a perfect addition. Sweets are perfect gifts for those who loves to eat the same. Thus, if the recipient loves to eat sweets then send him/her some through our site. Moreover, Indians celebrate anything by eating sweets. Hence, if you are searching a suitable gift then these delicacies will be a good choice to opt for. Kaju barfi, badam barfi, kesaria peda, Mootichor ladoo are some delicious sweets which you can send. Besides these, you can also send him or her sweets hamper which includes various items along with a packet of sweets. These are very popular gift items as they are presented in colorfully decorated trays and boxes which adds more charm to the gift package. Depending on the recipient’s preference, you can choose any of these to send as gifts to India. But, if you are planning to gift your loved one something which he or she can treasure for many years to come then gifting him/her an attractive watch will be a good choice to opt for. Our collection of timeless pieces are from renowned brands such as Timex, Sonata, Titan and so on. Along with these, we also offer you latest Fastrack watches which will be a perfect gift for this celebration. Apart from these, perfumes which you can avail from our site are also from renowned brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, Chanel, etc, which will be a suitable gift for this celebration. Besides these, Gift vouchers make wonderful gifts if you are unsure about the recipient’s taste and preference. With the help of these, your loved one can shop anything within the worth of the voucher. We offer gift vouchers from various brands such as Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Adidas, Pizza Hut, SIA to name a few. Thus, send congratulation gifts to India through our site and heighten your loved one’s achievement.

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    The Best Way To Congratulate Someone

    Your kid brother has secured the first position in his exam? And you are wondering how can you congratulate him for his feat? The best way to congratulate someone is of course by sending gifts. And with online gifting portals coming into vogue, sending gifts in order to congratulate someone has become extremely easy. Over the years emerging as the leading website for sending gifts to India, has an enriching collection of congratulatory gifts. There is an entire section dedicated to congratulatory gifts in, which is filled with different varieties of gifts. From flowers to chocolates, cakes, sweets, gift vouchers and many more are stocked in our website. The different gift categories in this section are filled with products offered by some of the leading international brands. If you want to send watches as congratulatory gifts to India to someone who has achieved something big, be it in any field, choose from the different branded watches stocked in the category. Titan, Fastrack, Timex, Sonata, Jean Fendi and Citizen are some the brands from where you can choose. The different brands of watches have been stocked according to genders. Additionally, there is one category named ‘Limited Edition’, which makes a spectacular display of designer watches. Flowers, perfectly suiting any occasion and festival, can be sent as congratulatory gifts to India with the help of The different types of flowers like, roses, lilies, carnations, geberas and orchids, come in beautiful and exotic arrangements. You can choose from various categories like Assorted Flowers, Exclusive Bouquets, Exotic Arrangements, Flower Bouquets, Life Size Arrangements and more. There is one interesting category named, Fruits-Flowers Baskets, from where you can send both flowers and fruits together through a single gift item. You can send congratulatory gifts to India in form of delicious cakes and mouthwatering chocolates with the help of our site. Give your loved ones a really ‘sweet’ treat with our cakes and chocolates. Available in variety of flavors, like, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butter-scotch, pineapple, our cakes will surely be appreciated by one and all. The fresh cakes that are stocked in our website come from some of the renowned five star bakeries. You can choose from Kids Cakes, Normal Cakes, Five Star Bakery, Special Cakes and Taj Cakes. If you kid brother has won a cricket match in his school or any other competition, then you can send him cakes as recognition for his feat from the section Kids Cake. Other than cakes, you can send delicious chocolates as well. The luscious chocolates stocked in the categories Handmade Chocolates to Chocolates & Cookies, Chocolate Hampers, Chocolate Thalis and Sugar Free Chocolates come from noted international chcolatier brands. Our two most popular gift categories are ‘Gift Vouchers’ and ‘Gift Hampers’, from where you can send gifts to India to friends and family members if they have achieved something worthwhile. Gift hampers will let you gift more than one kind of gift as a single unit, while on the other hand, with gift vouchers, you can give the recipient an opportunity to buy gifts of his or her choice from a particular brand. Rebook, Adidas, Pantaloons, Titan, Domino’s Pizza, John Players are some of the recognised brands of gift vouchers available in our website. Our site helps to send gift to India from US and other countries as well. Boasting of its immaculate service, is the perfect solution for the global Indians to send gifts.