Rakhi is celebrated in different parts of the world and by going through this article you can know the celebrations in detail. It is an auspicious festival that is celebrated in full grandeur all around the world. Read this article to know more.

Rakhi in India is a celebration that is a very big deal in India and also all over the world as Indians have now settled everywhere. People start their preparations for this day many months in advance and they spend this day with their loved ones. Raksha Bandhan denotes the bond of love, care, and protection that exists between a brother and a sister. This relationship is celebrated every year by tying the sacred thread or Rakhi on the wrists of brothers their sisters by sending Rakhi gifts to India through our website. However, apart from this very important tradition, many regions celebrate different accompanying rituals on this day. Hence, we describe here eight different rituals that come from different regions and are celebrated on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

1. Kite Flying Festival 

Different Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan in the World

Jammu celebrates Raksha Bandhan by organising a kite festival on this auspicious event. Celebrations in this begin weeks in advance with everyone being busy in making and flying kites. Apart from the regular ones, kites of different shapes and sizes with elegant designs are made. A special kind of thread for flying the kite is also made by the participants for this important day.

2. Jhulan Purnima Festival

This is a traditional festival of the people living in the states of West Bengal and Odisha. It is dedicated to the worship of Lord Krishna along with Radha that is done in temples and also at home. The idols of the God and Goddess are placed on a swing that has been created using many fragrant flowers. This practice of placing the deities on this bed and swinging them is what leads to the name of the festival.

3. Janeu Thread Festival

Uttarakhand is responsible for celebrating this day in this particular fashion with different rituals. It is an important day for everyone and not only siblings as this is the day when the janeu is changed. A janeu is a thread that is tied around the torsos of men all the year round and it is changed annually only this once. Fairs are also organised in different parts of the state as part of the festivities and everyone has a good time.

4. Janeu Purnima Festival

This celebration of Nepal is similar to the one that is performed in Uttarakhand and is celebrated by the whole family. Lord Shiva is worshipped on this day and various offerings are made towards the deity. Elders tie sacred threads on each other’s wrists as well as on the wrists of younger ones. They also change their janeu thread on this day which gives this festival its name and a special dish is prepared.

5. Kajari Purnima Festival

Different Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan in the World

Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh as well as parts of Uttar Pradesh celebrate this festival. This ritual is performed by farmers for their land and also mothers who perform a special puja for their sons. Celebrations of this day start many days ahead where a clump of soil is kept in the house and worshipped. Then on the day of the occasion this is taken to a near water body and offered while praying for the land and children.

6. Avani Avittam Festival

This festival is performed by the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala as well as parts of Odisha and Maharashtra. However, this ritual is only for the male members of the family while the ladies do not take part in it. They submerge themselves in the river and take a bath while praying for forgiveness of their sins. The janeu is also changed by them and a reading of the Yajur Veda is begun that then continues.

7. Narali Purnima Festival

This is a tradition of the state of Maharashtra and it revolves around the coastal region. Narali Purnima is mainly celebrated by the fishermen with their family members and loved ones. They commemorate this day by immersing coconuts in the sea water and pray to the sea. Many sweets and various other delectable dishes are prepared throughout the day that have coconuts.

8. Pavitropana Ekadashi Festival

Gujarat celebrates this prestigious festival which is similar to the other festivals in a few aspects. This tradition is observed by women who go to temples to pray for the atonement of sins. Lord Shiva is worshipped during this time and the Shiva linga is bathed with water and milk. The ritual starts on the Ekadashi and continues for a new day up to the ensuing Purnima.

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