When is Easter in 2012?

Easter 2012, 8th April & 9th April, 2012
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The celebration of festivals or occasions are looked forward by everyone as it not only involves lots of fun and merry-making but also brings the whole family together. But, some occasions also hold a spiritual significance as well. One such is the occasion of Easter which celebrates the death and the rebirth of life. For some Christians, this day is a significant celebration as they believe that on this day Lord Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. Hence, they spend this day attending masses in churches and fasting. It also marks the end of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer and penance. Besides these, some people believe that the word "Easter" is derived from the Norse word for spring, "Eostur" while others say that the name of this occasion comes from "Eostre", the name of an Anglo-Saxon Goddess. Furthermore, this occasion is celebrated for two days which are called Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. If you are wondering when is Easter in 2012 then it is on 8th April and 9th April respectively.

For children, Easter is a day for great fun and excitement. Their day begins with baskets of candies on their bed-sides left by the Easter Bunny. Since rabbits and hares give birth to a large number of litters in the early spring, these became the symbols of fertility. Besides leaving the candies and toys on their beds, the Easter Bunny also hides the eggs which the children had decorated earlier that week. Hence, children hunt for the eggs all around the house. To make the hunting more fun, people hold Easter egg hunt contest in which the child who finds the most eggs wins a prize. Besides these, exchanging Easter gifts is also a significant part of this joyous celebration.

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Aparna Published: Mar 01, 2012 | Last Updated: Nov 04, 2019
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