When Was Diwali 2016 ?

Best Diwali Gifts for Husbands

The festival of light, Diwali, is among the most popular festivals around the world and especially in India. Diwali historically celebrates the return of Rama, Lakshman and Sita after their exile of fourteen years. This is also the day of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi and thus Deepavali celebrates this Goddess of wealth. The word Diwali or Deepavali can be segregated as ‘deep’ or ‘lamp’ and ‘avali’ or ‘series’. This celebration takes place on the amavasya or new moon night in the Hindu lunar month of Kartik. Thus, if you are wondering when is Diwali in 2016 then we would like to tell you that it falls on the 30th of October which is a Sunday.

Diwali Celebration

The festival of Diwali takes place for a period of five auspicious days with Deepavali falling on the third day. Houses and surroundings are cleaned thoroughly in anticipation of this festival and new paint is also applied at times. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped during the evening and at some places prayers and offerings are also given to Lord Ganesha. Candles and diyas are lit all over the house and beautiful designs of rangolis and alpanas depicting the feet of the Goddess are also drawn. Crackers are also burnt on this occasion by both young and old and everyone enjoys a gala time. It is also customary to visit relatives and friends on this occasion and exchange sweets as well as other gifts.

Best Diwali Gifts for Husbands

Celebrating Diwali away from your friends and family can be tough and thus something must be done to make the day special for them. Several Diwali gifts to India have been showcased in this online gift store where you can get many varieties. These gifts will be loved by your dear ones and you can surely have a fantastic Diwali with them even if you are far away.

Diwali Gifts

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Dipsuta Published: Aug 23, 2016 | Last Updated: Aug 30, 2022