When is Thanks Giving in 2021?

When is Thanks Giving in 2021

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, especially for the Americans. It is a time when loved ones, be it friends, family or both come together and indulge in the festive spirit. Hence to make this time of the year more fun and interesting you could organize a few of the following activities listed below.

  1. Start decorating your house for Christmas
  2. Go for a picnic
  3. Go through old videos and photographs with family
  4. Go on a vacation
  5. Binge-watch your favorite holiday movies
  6. Take part in charity and social-service events

Thankgiving Calendar 2021

On this day of gratitude, don’t limit sharing your love only to those around you. Send special gifts and greetings to your loved ones staying away and make their Thanksgiving a memorable one. In 2021 this special day will be observed on the 25th of November.

Pragya Published: Dec 07, 2019 | Last Updated: Jan 05, 2022