Celebrate the day of love with your loved ones in India. Make the celebrations grand and plan accordingly. This Valentine's Day you can send gifts to your loved ones in India and surprise them. There are various gift ideas that you can choose from our website. This day is popularly celebrated all around the world but especially in India. Read to know more.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the world with much glamour and glitz. Different countries celebrate this day in a different ways and the celebration of love finds its own way to the heart of the romantics throughout the world. On this particular day, lovers express their affection for their dear ones with flowers, chocolates, accessories, greeting cards, and other romantic gifts. India is often referred to as the land of festivals where people respect the festivals and in spite of the fact that people live in too much diversity still they live in a harmonious way. Valentine’s Day which is a major international festival is also celebrated in India quite popularly. People in India also join the world community in order to celebrate this festival in a proper way as it is celebrated in other countries like the United States, America, Australia, and other western countries.

Valentine’s Day Celebration in India

In India, there are so many ways by which people celebrate Valentine’s Day. Handmade greeting cards, expensive gift items, accessories, or purchasing simple gifts from the market sending valentines gifts to india. The market is almost ready to offer every type of gift related to expressing the intensity of the feeling of the lovers. The most preferred gift items are sold with a symbol of pink-colored heart which stands as the perfect symbol for expressing love and affection. Valentines normally depicts the Roman god of love along with the symbol heart which stands as the ideal seat for the emotions of the lovers. Because it was thought of as the mating season which began in mid-February, birds also became a symbol for this special day for lovers. In India relation holds special importance and love is considerably the most precious thing in terms of relation and so it is celebrated with great joy and excitement in India and at the same time in the most romantic way.

Valentine's day gift in India traditionally includes candy, flowers, roses, soft toys, handmade objects, accessories, jewellery, and other items meant for to express the feelings and affection in a most romantic way. Just before a week the advent of joy and celebrations are easily marked among the people of India and the shop centers are crowded with people shopping various gift items for their partners. Some of the accepted symbols that have become immensely popular symbols of love in India are dove, cupid and red roses. In India valentine gifts are exchanged even in online valentine gift to India between people in love, friends, and spouse and between other dear and near relationships.

With the influx of western culture, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with gifts for valentine in India with not only exchanging valuable gifts but also with champagne or wine, candle light dinner, which is gaining its popularity in the recent years. Among the youngsters it is the day which is associated with fun and frolic associated with exchange of gifts. The most popularly presented gift items among the adults are chocolates, roses, bouquets, bunch of red roses which is indispensable to the celebration and they are rightly known as valentine roses. A Valentine’s Day cake also holds its importance among the people of India celebrating this particular day. The available varieties are chocolates, truffle, black forest, heart shaped cookies, creamy pastries, chocolates, etc.

Gifts like perfumes, gold pendants, electronics, especially designed Valentine’s Day candles; T-shirts, photo frames, customized mug, apparel, etc. are the popular valentine gifts in India valentine gifts for her in India is the most searched gift. In this day lovers can propose their dear ones and vice versa which is accepted with positive response. In India this day is celebrated popularly where each one feels the love associated with this particular day in the most romantic manner.

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