The most special day of Raksha Bandhan is here which is dedicated to brothers and sisters. Are you one of those who are looking for gifts for their siblings? If yes, then what are you waiting for this is the right article you have stumbled upon we have a list of gifts that you can send to your beloved sibling and make them feel special on this wonderful day. You will find plenty of options for any age and gender. So, to explore the extensive list of gifts in detail keep reading the article.

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the beautiful journey of love, care, and memories shared by siblings

The fights, the mischief, and the arguments that filled the house would always get replaced by giggles and laughter on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Such is the day that brings the brother and sister together no matter where they are. Thus, now that you are far from home it doesn’t mean you won’t celebrate the day and reach out to your brother or sister. It would just mean you must be creative enough to make the day special for them. You can send gifts and Rakhi to your brother and sister and don’t forget to include your sister-in-law too. Now that she’s also a part of the family, you need to make her feel included and welcomed in every celebration. So, many responsibilities and so many things to do to make things easier. We have compiled a list of gifts from which you can select and send rakhi gifts to Gurugram online. So, don’t procrastinate and explore the list to send gifts. 

1. Personalized Caricature

Top 8 Rakhi Gifts to Send to Gurugram

The relationship between brother and sister is of fights, arguments, fun, and mischief. This should never end and it can reflect on your gift too. If you are wondering how then this is how you can. Send a personalized gift of a caricature that will be fun as well as heartwarming. They will be able to keep the gift on their desk or car dashboard. The caricature will have the body of a cartoon and the face of your sibling. So, be it your brother, or your sister they will be surprised with this unique gift. We all know how personalized gifts are special and let you add a personal touch to the gift. Thus, for a unique surprise for your loved ones, you can send a caricature as a gift this Raksha Bandhan.

2. Gourmet Hamper

Raksha Bandhan brings memories of the ritual and the feast following the ceremony. So, if you were one of those who would treat your sibling with homecooked meals or buy them chocolates and treats then you must be missing out on the feeling of treating your sibling and they might also miss your treat. In this case, you can send them a treat packed in a box. Stuff all their favorite snacks or maybe add some new and exciting snacks that you want to introduce them to. A gourmet hamper is the best thing that will aid you in sending a delightful as well as delicious gift. This gift will be something that your beloved will be able to savor for days and be reminded of you on this special day. Send rakhi gifts to Gurugram for brother or your sister and treat their taste buds with this gift. 

3. Self-Heating Mug

What can be a good gift for your forgetful sibling? If your sibling is also one of those who would heat their tea or coffee more than twice because they forgot to drink then we’ve got the best gift for them. No matter where they keep the drink and for how many hours they will get their drink warm enough to savor it. Your gift of the self-heating mug will keep their drink warm for a couple of hours. A handy gift that can help them when their throat could use some relaxation after a long day. Or, maybe the energy booster to keep them up for long working nights. Thus, this makes a great gift for a college student or a working professional that you can send as rakhi gifts to India.

4. Rakhi Hampers

The day is not complete without the puja ceremony and brothers are the ones who feel most lonely. As the holy threads of Raksha Bandhan are tied on the wrists of brothers by the sisters, the brothers mostly feel lonely when their sisters are not around. Thus, sisters travel if they can but if you are among those who can’t then your Rakhi can travel to your brother. Yes, you can send Rakhi, and at the same time send rakhi gifts to Gurugram for brother a Rakhi hamper with all the essentials of things. From a beautiful designer Rakhi to, roli, chawal, and sweets the rakhi hamper is curated to have everything that is needed to make your brother feel special on this beautiful day. You can also include chocolates, dry fruits, and traditional sweets as gifts to the Rakhi hamper and complete the experience for your sweet brother. 

5. Massagers

We all have come a long way haven’t we, it feels as if it were just yesterday when we would walk to school holding hands. Now, we share the troubles that we face at work the medium might have changed but we still know how to comfort our siblings. There are plenty of things to gift to your siblings. If you want to send comfort and warmth of your love then there are a few things like massagers that can be a good gift. You can encourage them to work hard and go on with their journey with this gift. These massagers are going to relieve them of their sore and tense muscles and relax them for the long day to come. There are plenty of massagers so you can select one based on their requirements from scalp, foot, gun massagers, and so much more. Just send these relaxing and comforting rakhi gifts to India and surprise them.

6. Gentleman’s Essentials

Now that your little brother has become a gentleman he needs all the essentials that a gentleman needs. But that’s the problem men in general have as there are very few gift options. Thus, we have curated all the things needed by men the most in their daily lives and the things they need for grooming too. This has reduced to the essentials that your brother will love to have as rakhi gifts to India. The essentials include accessories like watches to keep them on time, sunglasses to protect them from harmful UV rays, perfumes to complete their outfit, and cardholders to keep all their important cards in place. To complete the gift hamper lastly, a bar of flavorsome and mouthwatering chocolate, and the gift is ready to send to your little not-so-little brother. 

7. Bath and Body Care

Grooming and taking care of oneself is so important and it should be accepted well. So, what you can do is send them a wonderful gift of self-care and reinforce and encourage them to take care of themselves properly. Thus, pamper your siblings with a self-care hamper as rakhi gifts to India. You will be able to pamper your siblings with this rejuvenating gift. A wonderful gift that will relax them and give them the comfort of a spa from the comfort of their homes. The hamper will mostly contain bath essentials like, shower gels, shower steamers, bath bombs, bath salts, exfoliators, moisturizers, and much more. They can enjoy this indulgent gift for days to come and ponder the warmth of your love and care through this gift.

8. Gift Cards 

Some gifts need experience to enjoy so is your sibling one of those excited ones? If yes then you cannot win them over with static gifts they might just get bored. But what do you send as rakhi gifts to India to them then? Easy, just send them a gift card that they will be able to use on their own will. You can gift them a gift card from any category ranging from, dining, entertainment, lifestyle, shopping, home decor, and so much more. It will not only present them with a gift that will give them experience but also a gift of their choice. So, in such cases sending a gift card is a good choice. If you think they will enjoy a movie or a dinner treat then you can always opt for gift cards from dining and entertainment and treat them with a gift they will be able to decide but still will be your gift. 

Now, that you know about the trending gifts that you can send to your sibling on the day of Raksha Bandhan don’t hold back and select the best gifts. In this list, you will find a gift for everyone be it your sister or your brother. There’s something for the little kids too in this list so don’t let your siblings feel left out in this celebration and send rakhi gifts to India from any corner of the world.

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