Sending rakhi to India has never been so easy. This year, we have personalised rakhi for brother. We also have a very wide collection of gifts for rakhi 2024.

Are you looking for gifts that you can send to your siblings on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan? Well, the day dedicated to the bond of siblings is here and you should start finding the perfect gift for them because the last moment will get the best of you and you might end up selecting none. Thus, in this article, we have compiled a list of gifts that you can send to your siblings and make them feel special. So, if you are looking for gift and gift ideas and would like to know more about these in detail then keep reading the article for more. 

The relationship between a brother and sister is like salt and spices in a dish. Life becomes a little spicy when you have a sibling, the fun, mischief, pranks, fights, and arguments make it memorable. We all have our share of stories of childhood that we can narrate to others and have a good laugh thanks to our siblings or cousins. Now that we look back the mischief and the fights we had with our siblings don’t make sense but it is a memory to cherish. Raksha Bandhan was the day when we would put aside all our differences and arguments and perform the ritual with all our hearts. This always signified that our bonds were stronger than the difference and even today it will express that distance doesn’t matter when you want to make your siblings feel special. If you are troubled by the question of How to deliver rakhi in Delhi? then you are at the right place, there is nothing extra that you need to do just to select a gift and send rakhi gifts to Delhi online via gift-delivering services. So, now that you know how to send rakhi in Delhi and rakhi gifts all you need to do is select a gift. For that, we have a list of gifts among which you can select a gift and surprise your sibling. 

1. Subscription Gifts

Starting with something that can be the most practical and thoughtful gift for your sibling has to be a subscription gift. Your sibling can be an avid reader and you can send them a Kindle subscription and see their face light up. What they like and what genres they would prefer reading is a challenging thing to sort out along with that you never would be able to keep track of the books they have read. So, it would be better to leave the choice to them but a gift indeed with a monthly or yearly subscription. The very same goes for entertainment media like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, Spotify and so much more. We are certain they would love to receive such a gift on Rakhi that will entertain them and surprise them at the same time. 

2. Personalized Photo Mugs 

Gifts that have a personal touch to them become special. To make the morning special for the early birds or the hardworking nights bearable for the night owls you can send a personalized gift. A personalized mug is the best gift that you can send to make them feel special. Add images or heartwarming messages on the mug and encourage your sibling. You can even send them personalized Zodiac mugs based on their zodiac which is a very trending gift to send. It will have some messages or fun personality traits written on the mug. It may seem like a light-hearted gift but it will certainly have a deep impact on your beloved sibling. So, send rakhi gifts to Delhi online and create loving experiences with your gift. 

3. Watches 

If there is something that they need in their daily life whether they are a working professional or a student is a watch. Now watches come in plenty of design sizes and styles. If your sibling has a watch fetish then they will be thrilled to have one more watch to their collection. So, choose a vintage and classic-looking watch, or maybe a smartwatch can be something new to them. When it comes to smart watches they come with amazing feature that can help them in tracking some nitty-gritty details about their health. But if they are not exercise freaks and love the classy look of watches then a classic watch will do. This is a beautiful gift for brothers as it becomes one of the accessories they can sport apart from sunglasses. 

4. Rakhi Hampers

“How can I send Rakhi to another state?" Is this question bothering you? Well, you can do that with the help of gift-delivering services you know but does just a Rakhi for your brother do for the celebration? You can send a Rakhi along with sweets, dry fruits, and chocolates to your brother and make the day special for them. The tradition of Raksha Bandhan needs the holy thread rakhi, sweets to complete the tradition, and dry fruits and chocolates to be the savorsome gift. You will get all of these in a dedicated Rakhi hamper that will have the essentials for the Rakhi ceremony like roli chawal and the holy thread. So, send Rakhi in Delhi to the brother waiting for your Rakhi and warm wishes, and surprise him with this delightful hamper.

5. Bags 

There can be nothing more useful than a bag when it comes to useful and practical as well as stylish gifts. They can be student or working professionals and use this gift in their everyday lives. So, choose a stylish sling bag for parties or occasions or a backpack for their everyday use. It is something that they will love to use as it will help them carry their essentials and keep their hands free. For the ones who love to carry unique sling bags, you can send unique geometric-shaped bags or woven or sustainable jute bags. This does not only look aesthetic but will also be useful and thoughtful for them and also something they might need. Thus, a good gift to send rakhi gifts to Delhi online and surprise your siblings. 

6. Table Lamp

Brighten your sibling's dark times with a beautiful and unique table lamp. They will be able to work at night or maybe study with this as a gift. You can look for cute table lamps like a teddy, or an hourglass lamp that will give your study table an enhanced look. There are plenty of lamps that come with organizers too. They can keep their stationery in one place and at the same time they can use the table lamp to work as well. Thus, a unique or cute table lamp can be a good gift for siblings of all ages. So, this is a great gift that you can send to your sibling and encourage them to work hard on their journey to pursue their dream life. 

This list has plenty of options to choose from. So, whether you need a gift for your brother or your sister, be they working professionals or students, this list has a gift for everybody, something that will excite them be thoughtful to express your love and concern. At the same time being practical will add ease, or charm to any of their collection. So, now that you have explored the list of gifts go ahead and send rakhi gifts to Delhi online for your beloved sibling and surprise them.  

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