We value the importance of fruits which is why we keep the stocks of fruits updated with fresh ones. Since these are perishable commodities, we ship them with priority so that they reach your loved one in the freshest state possible. Choosing the perfect fruit basket is more of a task at our website given the vast number of choices. To make things easier, we have selected a few of our top picks for you to choose from. Have a look at these awesomeness-filled fruit baskets!

Sending greetings cards, flowers and chocolates have become mainstream and look cliche. If you are looking forward to sending something which is a lot more meaningful, you have landed at just the right place. In the modern world, people rarely have the time to look after themselves and care about their health. A loss of a few minutes can wreak havoc. Naturally, health issues are creeping up. But as the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fresh fruits are one of the best medicines that one can have. So send a fruit basket to India to your loved ones and help them keep their health in check.

Mixed Fruit Basket

Top 10 Fruit Baskets to Send to India

Catering to everyone’s needs, the mixed fruit basket is a sight to behold. It is one of the most stacked fruit baskets that are available and is popular for a reason. It comes with as many as six fruits ranging in sizes from big to small. Since many fruits are seasonal, the contents of the basket may change according to the season. But the appeal will never diminish.

Totally Extravagant Hamper

This hamper takes the best of three worlds and puts them together. An extravagant fruit basket is combined with a beautiful flower vase and a bottle of fruit juice as well! The basket itself comes with a variety of fruits. The vase of orchids and a 750ml bottle of healthy fruit juice adds the cherry on top. Sending this fresh fruit basket online to India will be mind-blowing!

Juicy Fruit Basket

A small yet neat offering, this juicy fruit basket can easily win the heart of the person whom you would be gifting it to. There will be six types of fresh fruits gracing the basket. The handle of the basket dons a tidy ribbon tied in a bow knot which gives it a neat and cute appeal.

Apples and Tropicana Basket

Top 10 Fruit Baskets to Send to India

Fruits and fruit juice goes hand in hand. This basket combines two of the best things one needs to keep health in check. The fresh juicy red apples are a sight to behold. The carton of Tropicana simply adds to the taste.

Beautiful Basket of Fruits and Flowers

The best way to compliment a fruit basket is to add flowers to it! This particular basket of fruits is completely loaded with fresh goodies. The basket itself is well-decorated with beautiful accents to serve as a decorative. The flowers add to the beauty of the gift.

Fruits and Orchids Tray

Combining nutritious fruits with one of the rarest and most attractive flowers is an awesome idea! This tray of fruits has found its perfect companion in the form of orchids and together, they will be the warmth of anyone’s heart.

Juicy Treat with Soft Toy

Yes you read that right! With this combo, let’s take fruit baskets to another level! The neatly woven basket is packed with fruits to the brim. Sitting like a cherry on the top is a cute white teddy! As a bonus, this basket also comes with a pack of Tropicana fruit juice which is as healthy as the fresh fruits that will be sent to India to your loved one.

Enigmatic Basket with Fruit Champagne

Decked up like a proper gift hamper, this enigmatic fruit basket is all set to be a prized possession. The basket comes with five varieties of fresh fruits and a handle to carry along. A 750ml bottle of fruit champagne adds to the appeal!

Delicious and Healthy Treat

Clocking in an unusual combination, this fruit basket is accompanied by a box of delicious cookies and chocolates! With numerous fresh fruits to boast of, the basket also has eight Dairy Milk chocolates and a box of Danish Butter Cookies. If you want to send fruits to India, then this is one of the best choices!

Healthy and Tasty Treat Basket

Send this fresh fruit basket to India to win the heart of your loved one. This hamper comes with a number of fruits which are neatly arranged in a well-woven basket. A box of Danish Butter Cookies and a pack of Tropicana fruit juice adds to the magic! These options are only a few of the numerous choices in front of you when you want to send fruits online to India. It’s time to take a step back and send something extraordinary which would bring you even closer to your loved ones!

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