Shower Thanksgiving Day gifts on your loved ones in India

Pumpking Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated all throughout America in the fourth Thursday of November. The reason behind the celebration of this day is to express gratitude towards the Mercy of God. It is believed that it is due to God’s grace that we all live in this world safely and merrily. So it is necessary to thank God at least once in a year if not always. Many of us do not know when is Thanksgiving Day celebrated? In the year 1863, President Lincoln announced to make the fourth Thursday of November a Thanksgiving day.

Nowadays Thanksgiving day has a special importance, not only it is celebrated to thank the Almighty but also to thank all the people with whom we deal everyday in life. In the hustle and bustle of our day to day living we forget to give thanks to those people who help us in some way or the other to lead our life, so the special day is utilised for that purpose. Many of us do not have knowledge as to what is Thanksgiving Day, or when is Thanksgiving Day? In the wake of globalisation Thanksgiving day is being celebrated in many countries other than America and Canada.

Keeping this in mind has arranged exotic and unique gift ideas to present  your loved one and express your feelings. This is specially for those people who are away from home. Our site helps you to send gifts to India with a click of mouse. Let us take you to the innumerable gifting options from which you will be able to choose a perfect token of love as Thanksgiving Day Gifts to India.


Cakes are the excellent option of gift, specially in case of those who have sweet tooth. So gift to India delicious and enticing range of cakes in this special occasion. Add a personal message to be written on top of the cake like “ THANK YOU MOM” or “THANK YOU SIR FOR BEING MY GUIDE” or anything according to your wish. The little message will speak a hundred words on behalf of you. You can choose from a range of cakes like Five Star Bakery cakes consisting of different flavours like Black forest, Chocolate cakes, Strawberry and Pineapple cakes. Even cakes are favourites of toddlers. So we have a special collection of kids cakes which comes in cute shapes of Mickey Mouse, Barbie and Tweety.  Other than that you can order Normal cakes, Special cakes or Taj cakes. But please note that we deliver only EGGLESS CAKES.

Dry Fruits

Dryfruits Basket Combo

Choose dry fruits to say your near ones Thanks. These are healthy as well as delicious, crunchy and crispy. They come in boxes, trays, or be in ethnic gift basket. The dry fruits include cashew nuts, badam, raisins or pista.

Show Pieces

There are elegant showpieces to gift your loved one. Like table clock, swan showpieces, couple showpieces, flower basket, candle stand, all in amazing shapes. These exclusive showpieces will beautify your room and you will earn love and adorance from the one whom you gift.

If all these items do not satisfy your demand we have other options also.  From there you can opt for gift hampers which include multiple gifts together in one collection. Personalized gifts are in high demand, these gifts stand out from others as they add a personal touch of the giver. Or you can hand a Gift Certificate by which the recipient can buy a gift which he/she prefers. Wrist Watches can also serve as an option of Thanksgiving Day Gift.

So if you are hesitating to say a little THANKS to the person you love, just send Thanksgiving Day gift to India to speak for you. Make Thanksgiving Day most memorable for your loved one.

Pooja Published: Nov 17, 2012 | Last Updated: Sep 27, 2022