Being a landmark of Indian festivals, Rakhi is no more concentrated within the geographical limits of the country. With the growing settlement of Indian nationals outside the country, Rakhi, along with many other Hindu festival like that of Diwali or Holi, is celebrated worldwide. It would not be wrong to say that due to this worldwide celebration of this festival, Rakhi, these days, has achieved the much coveted status of a global festival. Just like in every event of celebration, during the time of Rakhi too, a plethora of overseas candidates wish to get connected with their friends and family back at home and wants some reliable avenues that will allow them to send Rakhi to India for their dear siblings. Here e-gifting comes to their great help. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse one can send Rakhi Gift Hampers to India for his or her loved ones, and that too, with utter care and promptness. One thing more that these e-gifting companies ensure is value for money. So, no more arguments with the seller for the best buy, nor there is any requirement of jostling through a thick pack of crowd, the advent of these online gifting companies have truly accounted for a easy gifting process. One such gifting portal which is facilitating this gifting process all throughout India is GiftstoIndia24x7. Since its inception in the year 1999, this very website, with its wide network of presence all over the country has accounted for over a 1,000,000 successful deliveries.

Importance and Significance of Rakhi Return Gifts

Rakhi is a festival that sings the glory of the kind of relationship that is shared by a brother with his sister or vice versa. Every year on the full moon day of Hindu month of Shravana this festival of Rakhi is celebrated. Literally translates to 'the bond of protection', tying of a Rakhi thread is believed to protect from all odds that life offers. By tying Rakhis to the right hand wrist of their respective brothers, girls utter this very prayer to the Almighty. Brothers in turn vows to take care of their sisters lifelong. It is herewith that the beauty of this festival lies, making it so dearer to us. Today, girls also tie this sacrosanct thread of protection to their sisters-in-law commonly known as Lumbas for Bhabhi in India. Eying to the practice of exchanging Rakhi gifts in between a brother and a sister to mark this auspicious occasion, we at has ushered in to offer a plethora Rakhi gifts. So, your sister has sent a Rakhi to you and now you are looking for an appropriate gift to send her in return that will floor her? Well then, here your search ends!

With a vivid and varied collection of Rakhi Return Gifts for Sister we are sure to help you out in your endeavour to send a gift to India that will impress her to the best. The first to talk herein is about Chocolates. No other gift could entice her senses more than this food item. It is no exaggeration to state that since ages the taste of chocolates have been savored by mankind to the fullest. The very next idea to talk about herein is no other but Jewelleries. This item needs no further explanation. A mere mention of this term is enough to excite female hearts, no matter to what generation they belong. The next gifting idea that is sure to impress your dear sister the most is Sarees. No matter how trendy they are, but Indian ladies can never hold back their fascination over this particular dress material. Then there are Perfumes as Rakhi Gifts for Sisters - one more gift item that is capable enough to be sent to India as your Rakhi gifts on this event of Rakhi. Since ages human generation is known to drool over the mesmerising fragrances. So, sending a perfume to India for your sister could also be a nice idea. You can also send some Watches for your beloved sibling to mark the day. Renowned brands like Titan, Fastrack, Jean Fendi, etc., adorn this segment that allows you to select and send them as the most perfect Rakhi gift that is sure to impress your loving sister back in India. Sending Gift Vouchers on Rakhi is also held to be a popular idea these days as it allows the receivers to shop as per his their desire. So allow your sister the liberty to shop as she likes, send these gift vouchers to her. We also have showcased an impressive as well extensive collection of Kitchenware enabling you to send to India on Rakhi. So if you want to make an imprint on your sister's heart the best, do not forget to send Rakhi gifts to India through Be sure to find out that very gift that is definite to mesmerize the senses of your dear sibling back in India.

Sending a gift in return to a sister after a brother receives a Rakhi from her end is always held to be special. It is through that gift that a brother expresses his unspoken words of unadulterated love, care and respect to his beloved sister. All these aforementioned gifts, that you can send to India as your Rakhi return gift is sure to make your sister feel elated. So why not try something new this time? Surprise your dearest sibling this year by sending Rakhi gifts to India through With our wide network of presence all over the country now it is very easy to send gifts to India on the event of Rakhi. The committed team of our customer support is adept in assisting you all throughout the gifting process. You can also track the status of your order herewith and will be provided with the best available feedback. To facilitate you in this gifting process we accept all major international currencies like, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, GBP, etc., or cards like, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. You can opt for PayPal as your payment option. More to this, the user friendly design of our website is one more thing that is sure to call for eminent appreciation. So what more are you waiting for? Send Rakhi to India with us today and celebrate this beautiful occasion which sings the glory of the most innocent human relation that exist on earth.

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