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Personalized Cushion: Unique Father's Day gift item

Best Dad Ever Round Panda Pillow

Get over the ordinary, think unique; father’s day is around the corner and most of us will be bracing to gift our fathers something that make them feel special. How about breaking the orthodox gifting process and think of something unique which is sure to surprise him. How about a personalized cushion as a unique father’s day gift? Surprised? You need not be. This can be one of the Father’s day gift ideas for him. So, send gifts to India and make the day special for him. Here is how this is going to work and there are at least four describable ways in which this will work.

Cushion was the friendly war tool in most of your home boxing rounds

Remember those cute boxing rounds you had with your father? While playing the adorable victim to your punches, he almost always used the cushion as a protection. Those cushions have absorbed so much memory; they are never going to fade away. This Father’s day remind him of those lovely adorable boxing fights you had with him, by gifting him unique personalized cushions. So, choose from a wide range of cushions from our website and send gifts to India from US. You can trust us with personalizing the cushions with your messages and also with the timely delivery of the gift to your father.

Cushions doubled up as the mountains you conquered while you played with your father

Best Dad Ever Personalised Pillow

Yes, these are unique ways in which the cushions in your house were used when you played with your father. The colorful the cushions, the more colorful the mountains and one advantage of mountains made out of cushions was- you never got hurt! You fell from the mountain of cushions and where did you land? On your father’s lap! Picture this scene in your head and choose from a wide range of personalized cushions for your dad as gift on father’s day and send gifts to India. We ensure the delivery of these gift items in time and with attractive packaging.

Cushions were the boundaries you created on the couch while watching TV

Remember, how the couch got divided into territories between you, mom and dad while watching TV. It was so much fun those days. Usually, the area of your along with your father’s used to be bigger and you had so much fun just pushing cushions onto each other. What better way to cherish those moments than by gifting your father with personalized cushion as a token of memory for those days. So, choose from a range of cushions and we can help with personalizing them with your messages on them and you can send gifts to India. We will ensure they reach in time and we will do it with a lot of care and affection.

Break the orthodox mould of gifting this Father’s day and choose something as unique as personalized cushion for your father. He is bound to cherish the cushion as much as he would have for any other gifts. But, with these personalized cushions he is sure to go down all the way to the memory lane he and you traveled together.

Debanjana Published: May 24, 2016 | Last Updated: Jun 12, 2020
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