Gift mobile phones to India and break the distance barrier

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Gifting has been a very important part of social life since the beginning of times. India has innumerable festivals and occasions, and NRI’s shower their dear ones with gifts to India during such occasions to express their love. The usual gift items consist of clothes, flowers and sweets. A cell phone can be a very unique and useful gift item that your dear one will be thrilled to receive.

The usefulness of a mobile phone is endless. By using it you get to stay connected with people all the time, anywhere. It helps you to stay in touch with your loved ones who lives across seas. Another advantage of mobile is the function of SMS. It is the most popular function of mobiles after calling. It helps you to send a message to a person when he/she is busy. It also helps to send informations during emergencies. As cell phone technology is improving day by day, the navigation technology (GPRS) is extremely helpful, it helps a person travel through unknown destinations. The technology in the modern cell phones are so advanced that they are almost equivalent to your personal computer. With these you can avail the functions of all the latest softwares and the internet. You can check your emails, view your favourite TV show and get a glimpse of all the current-affairs of the world. And the usefulness of cell phones doesn't end here - the Bluetooth technology helps you to transfer data without the hassle of any wires.

With the latest cell phone within your reach, you won’t need any other entertainment gadget. Therefore has brought for your dear ones all the latest moile phones from the most reputed brands, that you can opt from when you send gifts to India.


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This brand’s phones are popular for sending secured emails, and loved by businessmen. The phones look glamorous and helps to create an instant style statement. You can download applications very fast from the net. And most importantly the QWERTY keyboard, that helps you to type fast.


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Samsung mobile phones are extremely popular in India due to their low price and cutting edge technology. This brand’s phones are specially loved by the youngsters, as it satisfies all their entertainment needs. It is one of the best selling mobile phone brands in India, and your dear one will love to receive the latest Samsung cell phone as gift during occasions.


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When in India people think mobile phones, they think Nokia. The brand Nokia is associated with extreme low price and durable, hardy phones. The phones are very user friendly and loved by the aged people due to this reason. So if you want to send a mobile phone gift to your parents in India, this brand’s phone would be highly recommended.

Feel free to make your selection from all the mobile phones available on our portal and make your dear ones extremely happy. Mobile phones can be gifted for any occasions and to people of all ages. In today’s tech savvy world, mobile phones is a part of an individuals prestige and fashion. And especially it is more pertinent for the modern youth, the latest mobile phone will help the youth to capture attention instantly and help them to stay entertained all day.

Ritam Published: Dec 20, 2012 | Last Updated: Sep 22, 2022