This article is a super easy guide to help the readers to choose a gift for Mother's Day. This articles contains all the neccessary details to choose the perfect perfume. All the perfumes mentioned in this article is refined, sophisticated and easily available. Read the article to know more. 

Mother’s Day has been celebrated ever since the era of the ancient Greeks and Romans. But what we don’t know is that even if the origin of Mother’s day dates back to ancient Greece it finds its root in very different grounds. However, the vim and vigor of the festivities of Mother’s Day makes one perceive that it is a recent phenomenon. With each passing year the excitement and preparations of Mother’s day escalates. A day dedicated to the wonder woman of our household, may not be enough but it shows that we cherish and love them. 

Mother’s day is just a blink away, and we know how anxious one becomes when it comes to deciding on a gift. There are a variety of options to choose from but if you want to do something different this year then try gifting her perfumes. A wide range of miniature perfumes for her to try on different occasions will definitely be the best gift ever!

But before that you just have to understand the basic fundamentals of perfumes. There are cool and breezy notes that have an exotic topical fragrance to it and then comes the notes which have a strong essence to it. Once you get which type of fragrance suits your mother, you’re good to go. So, here is a curated list of perfumes for you to choose as Mother's Day gifts in India. All you have to do is  just understand her style and choose a fragrance that suits her the best.



1. Davidoff Cool Water For Her


Top 7 Perfumes for your mother on Mother's Day

If your mother is fond of flowers and gardening then your search is over. Davidoff Cool Water For Her is just the right fit for her. This perfume has a perfect blend of floral fragrance with the base note of watermelon, lily of the valley and musk. This perfume gives a very light and breezy fragrance. It also has a refreshing and rejuvenating essence to the soul.

2.MINISO Blissful Bouquet


Top 7 Perfumes for your mother on Mother's Day

MINISO Blissful Bouquet will give your mother a fresh start to the day. The fragrance lasts the whole day, and it's definitely a head turner. No matter what the occasion is, the perfume will entice anybody around her.

3. Body Shop English Dawn White Gardenia

Top 7 Perfumes for your mother on Mother's Day

If your mother likes the fragrance of sandalwood, then this might just be the right option for her. This perfume leaves you feeling freshly bathed before a summer sunrise. The perfume feels oriental and warm with a hint of jasmine and sandalwood oil. It gives off a soapy and citrusy whiff initially then blends with a dewy mix of sandalwood and a hint of gardenia.

4. Titan Skinn Celeste & Sheer

Top 7 Perfumes for your mother on Mother's Day

This perfume set is a combination of woody, ambery and fruity, gourmand fragrances. With this gift set you give her two varieties of fragrances to choose from. It comes with a travel friendly packaging so if she’s on the go then there’s nothing to worry about.

5. Burberry London 


Top 7 Perfumes for your mother on Mother's Day

This perfume will bring back the fond memories of a vacation. The fragrance of the perfume teleports you to a countryside with lush green pastures. You can already tell it's relaxing as it can be. The pleasantness of this perfume will leave your mother reminiscing about the joyful vacations that you all have enjoyed.

6.Guess Girl Belle

Top 7 Perfumes for your mother on Mother's Day

This perfume is best for the musk and vanilla lovers as it has a base of fine blend of musk, Australian sandalwood, and vanilla. In the heart the perfume is a unique mix of violets, Arab jasmine, and seductive blossoms of peony. These two initial mixes of unique notes make it a very unique fragrance to find. Hence a unique gift for a unique lady.

7.Gucci Bamboo EDP Spray 

Top 7 Perfumes for your mother on Mother's Day

This perfume is for the modern moms as it encapsulates light, gentle, sweet, exotic, graceful & intoxicating fragrance. Isn’t it just too many fragrances in one? Yes it is! Your mom will love this variety of fragrances blended into one. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the one which you feel will suit your mother. The essence will always resonate with your love for your mother so, choose wisely. 


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