Lindt Teddy Bear Chocolates as Gifts

Chocolates are eternal favourites of all. The word “eternal” is literally true as the history of chocolates can be  traced back to old ages in past. Presently the word “Chocolates” bears in our mind an image of Bar divided into small squares. But according to history, chocolate was used as a beverage.

According to Etymologists the term “chocolates” originate from the Aztec word "xocolatl”, which comes from a bitter drink extracted from the cocoa beans. Cocoa from which chocolate is made has its origin in the Amazons from which it spread to Mesoamerica. From then on chocolate has reigned the world’s delicacies for centuries. But do we need to know chocolate’s history to indulge into its rich taste? Not at all. has dedicated a full section to Chocolates that includes wide range of best chocolates. Lindt has launched a chocolate in the shape of a teddy bear. The details are very intricate and it comes wrapped in a golden foil. It has a red ribbon tied around its neck. It is needless to say that Lindt’s chocolate are best in taste and quality. The worst part is that its amazing shape and decoration won’t let you eat it. You can send it to your dear ones who will be delighted and at the same time surprised to get such an innovative and wonderful looking chocolate.

We even specialise in handmade chocolates and sugar-free chocolates. So don’t hesitate to pick up your favourite bar and let yourself drown into its taste. Other than chocolates you can also send other gifts like Flowers to india from USA and Personalized Gifts Online India to make it a complete package of gifts. The CEO of the company Mr. Amit Desai has said regarding this,”The new launch of exclusive Lindt Teddy Bear Chocolate are specially for the children.”

Priyam Published: Dec 16, 2012 | Last Updated: Oct 09, 2021