Delight your Mom in India with Exclusive Jewelleries as Gifts

Exclusive Jewelleries

If you want to surprise your dear Mom in India by sending gifts to India, then without any further delay you must have a look into the wonderful range of gifts available on the online gift store of As the occasion of Mother’s Day is just round the corner, our online store is all packed up with wonderful gifts, that are bound to delight your mother in India.

Your mother has not only given birth to you, but to a very large extent she is also responsible for what you are today. Therefore it is a duty of every child to let his/her mother know that how much they love her. The occasion of Mother’s Day gives every individual around the world the perfect opportunity to express their love and gratitude towards their mothers. If you are residing far from your mother in India, you can always make the occasion of Mother’s Day memorable by sending gifts to India, for your mother.

Amongst all the Mother’s Day gifts that are available on our online store, the jewellery section really stands out. In the Mother’s Day jewellery section of our online store you will be able to find - Diamond Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, Gold Plated Jewellery, Pearl Jewellery, Spiritual Pendants. All these wonderful jewellery sets can be sent as Mother’s Day gifts to India via our online store, at a lightning fast speed. Let’s have a look in all the wonderful jewelries that are available on our decade old online gift store.

Diamond Jewelleries as Mother’s Day Gift - A very interesting and wonderful gift that you can send to your Mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day, is a beautiful piece of Diamond Jewellery. Today, gifting of Diamond jewellery is not only limited to the royals and wealthy, as beautiful diamond jewelleries are nowadays available at a very affordable price. And who can forget the age old saying that - Diamonds are a woman’s best friend! Therefore, if you want to give a wonderful surprise to your Mother in India, then you must send her a diamond jewellery from the online store of -

Fashion Jewellerie

Fashion Jewelleries as Mother’s day Gift  - Fashion Jewelries or Imitation Jewelries are much more pocket friendly compared to the Gold, Silver or Diamond jewelleries, and women love them because they can wear it daily without the fear of losing them or damaging them. On our online store you can find plenty of fashion jewelries for the occasion of Mother’s Day, therefore you won’t find it difficult to find the perfect one for your Mother in India.

Spiritual Pendants as Mother’s Day Gift  - If your Mother has a spiritual inclination then the pedants available in this section of our online store, would be just perfect for her. In this section you will find gold pendants, studded with precious stones, in the form of Lord Ganesha and Om. The designs of these pendants are very unique, and your mother will be thrilled with joy, upon receiving them.

Send gifts to India, for your mother via our online gift store and make the occasion of Mother’s Day memorable for her. Along with gorgeous jewelries you can also send your mother - flowers, cakes, gift vouchers, personalised gifts and many more gifts, to express your heartfelt warm wishes.


Ritam Published: Apr 23, 2013 | Last Updated: Mar 27, 2020