Top 10 Gifts for Girlfriend in India under Rs 3000

affordable gifts

“Many feel love but only a few can express..”

There are many ways to express your love to your beloved. A little romance is important to keep the passion in the relationship alive. Expression of love is very important especially for women. Spending quality time together, writing a letter or whispering sweet nothings into her ears will surely make your lady feel valued. Gifting is one of the best ways to appreciate her presence in your life. Gifting your girlfriend needs no occasion. You could come up with meaningful gift ideas and let her know how much you love her from time to time. Gifts for your lady love do not always need to be flashy, fancy or extravagant. It is the emotion behind the gifts that can cast an enchanting spell of love. Here is a list of a few gifts under Rs 3000 which can easily help you impress your love without being too heavy on the pocket.

1.Aromatic Hamper

affordable gifts

“Make me a fragrance that smells like love.”

Love is that exhilarating fragrance which doesn’t fade away easily. Let the fragrance of your love linger wherever your lady love goes. Bring out the die-hard romantic in you by sending her this aromatic hamper. Featuring a decorative scented candle, perfume, fragrance bar, chocolate, this hamper can simply blow her mind away. The promise of togetherness makes the love stronger. This hamper is truly special as it comes in a personalised box which says, “ Love You Forever.” Sending this hamper will help you convey your love for her in the most heartwarming way while making her heart flutter.

2.Coffee date

affordable gifts

Gifts could be experiences that stay in a corner of your heart forever. Plan a simple coffee date to a place where you have fond memories together. It could be the cafe where you had first taken her out for a date. This could be a great way to revisit those times. Coffee dates are not just about enjoying a cup of coffee together. Away from the cacophony of the streets, these dates allow you to have deep and meaningful conversations and spend quality time with each other. A coffee date is an affordable gifting idea which has a unique appeal of its own.

3.Spa Bath Set

affordable gifts

Women have a special corner in their hearts for men who really care about them. Express your love and care for her by giving her a rejuvenating spa bath set. A therapeutic shower can wash the exhaustion of her everyday life and boost her mental health. Comprising towels, combs and multiple scrubbers for arms, feet and back, this spa bath set can help her relax, release her piled up stress and offer her a soul-soothing shower experience.

4.Bag and purse combo

affordable gifts

A woman’s love for fashionable bags is unfathomable. Women carry their entire world inside their bags. These could be great gifts for your lady love for any occasion. It is a fashion accessory that will make her a strong style statement. Our site offers a wide variety of exclusive ladies bags and purses which can accommodate all her belongings. No matter where she goes, she can carry these trendy bags and create strong fashion goals.

5.Vanity mirrors with LED lights

affordable gifts

Simple things that you do can make your lady love’s heart skip a beat. Vanity mirrors with LED lights can turn out to be an impeccable gifting option for women. These are specially designed mirrors with LED lights which enable women to look their best. Makeup with mirrors can come in handy for flawless makeup application, grooming or doing various kinds of hairstyles. There are various online stores which offer vanity mirrors with LED lights at affordable prices.

6.Foot care hamper

affordable gifts

From tip to toe, your lady love needs utmost care and attention. Daily wear and tear could be hard on the feet. This makes regular foot care necessary. Comprising foot glow, foot scrub, foot cream and foot cleanser, this foot care hamper can nourish and protect her feet from cracks and dirt. It will help her remove dead skins from her feet thereby keeping it happy and healthy. This simple yet thoughtful gift can help her realize how much you care about her well-being.

7.Book set

affordable gifts

Is your girlfriend an avid reader? Books can undoubtedly serve as the most timeless gifting option which can transport the reader to a whole new reader. If you know her favourite genre, this process will be easier for you. Do a little bit of research and give her a collection of books keeping her favourite genres and authors in mind. Stay away from bestsellers as she might have read them already. You could also avail a collection of rare books of her favourite genre and surprise her! This will turn out to be a noteworthy asset for your bibliophile girlfriend.

8.Titan gift vouchers

affordable gifts

Is your girlfriend highly fond of watches? If finding the perfect watch for her seems confusing, you could give her this incredible Titan gift voucher. With this, she will be able to explore a wide range of options of exclusive watches and opt for the one that suits her the best. This gift not only offers her the liberty to choose but also portrays your thoughtfulness. She can go to the store and redeem the voucher at her own convenient time. You can also check out the varied options of gift vouchers on our site.

9.Personalized Photo Frame

affordable gifts

Any ordinary gift can transform into a memorable one with a little touch of personalization. Give her this romantic heart shaped photo frame and make her feel celebrated. Add a favourite image of you both that can evoke countless happy memories. Adorned with a personal touch, this precious gift will be treasured by her forever. Most importantly, this sweet yet simple gift will reflect your undying efforts just to see the priceless smile on her face.

10.Motivational gift

affordable gifts

“A partner that supports your dreams is a priceless gem.” In a relationship, it is very important to lift each other up and nurture each other’s dreams. If your girlfriend has a hobby that has been overshadowed in the web of life, it is time for you to encourage her to pursue her passion. If she loves baking, give her a set of baking tools. If she is a make-up enthusiast, give her a set of make-up brushes. If she loves art, give her an art-set. This gift might sound simple but will offer a creative outlet. On receiving this meaningful gift, she will feel blessed to have a supportive partner like you.

The way you treat your girl says a lot about the way you perceive love. Even a simple gift, wrapped in thoughtfulness and love can help you touch the heart of your significant other. Incorporate these gift ideas and make her feel that love indeed is the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. Add a note with the gifts to show how grateful you are to have her in your life and leave her smitten.

Sreemoyee Published: Sep 04, 2021 | Last Updated: Sep 06, 2021
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